World’s Youngest Billionaire Dropped Out At 17 – Ritesh Agarwal Education

26 Years Old Ritesh Agarwal is Founder & CEO of OYO Rooms and Ritesh Agarwal Education Qualification is High School and He is College Dropout.



Ritesh Agarwal is from Rayagada, Odisha, India. Rayagada is a city where most people make no more than $10 a day. Ritesh grew up poor, but Ritesh was different from other children, he used to sell SIM cards when he was just 13. And for 18 years he struggled. Ritesh agarwal education details tells about the importance of degree in one’s life.

If we look at Ritesh Agarwal education background, Ritesh graduated from St. Johns Senior Secondary School and moved to Delhi in 2011 for college. He enrolled himself for the University of London’s International Programme provided by Indian School of Business and Finance.

University of London's International Progragramme provided by Indian School of Business and Finance

Ritesh never felt connected to the course and rather attended a number of entrepreneurship events. He never went back after reaching the breakthrough of Oravel Travels while he was just 17 years old.

Ritesh at 17, when most of the children don’t even know what to do, dropped out of the college to pursue his dream of becoming an Entrepreneur. At that point of time, this was the toughest period he was ever going to endure in his life. At some point, he was kicked out of his apartment with $0.50 in his bank account. He never cared about money, It was always about solving real problem for Ritesh. And so he did, Ritesh noticed that a nearby Hotel was empty a lot of the time and the owner wasn’t making much money. So he went to the owner and took the biggest risk of his life, He promised to make his hotel better, and began Ritesh Agarwal oyo education.

OYO Rooms

Then Came ‘OYO Rooms’ in existence in January 2013. It is an Indian hotel brand that owns, operates and aggregates standardized hotel rooms. 

Thiel Fellowship

In 2013, he was nominated for ‘Thiel Fellowship’, a 2-years program initiated by PayPal founder Peter Theil. Student are trained by some of the revolutionary entrepreneurs like Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, etc. He was also paid a fellowship of $100,00 during that period. He was the first Asian to have received Thiel Fellowship

At age 20 he raised money from investors.

At age 21 he hired 50 people.

At age 22 he had 500 hotels.

At age 24 he raised 1 Billion dollars.

At present, OYO has over 13,000 franchised and leased hotels, and over 450,000 rooms, adding over 64,000 rooms every month, globally. 

Ritesh Agarwal is our Xpert on entrepreneurship. From being one of the youngest entrepreneurs in India to launching a service that is disrupting the hospitality industry on a large scale, Ritesh is nothing short of a business star. Find Ritesh Agarwal story, Education of Ritesh Agarwal on Xpert. Xpert helps you follow, ask & learn from the best in every profession. Try it: Xpert and use my invite code vs3ju to signup!

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  1. I always like to read about self made ceo s because they inspire so much , but i feel its the same story i heared from someone so for the next time do write something secretive facts as well we would love to read it more..

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