Willpower ! It is .

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'Please lower the voice of the tv' , i shouted. By now my hot brew became lukewarm enough to not travel down my throat . My day begins with contemplation and an out and out hot brew. This morning i was busy reviewing my book that I recently ordered. The crisp pages smelled refreshing. Turning to the next page I overheard a tricenarian speaking in her mellow voice about Paralympics to be postponed to 24th of August next year . I'm not a sports person and to be honest I don't even have enough knowledge about Indian athletes , but thinking of sportsmanship with a great spirit , i only remember one name , Suyash Jadhav . A totally mad freak who just aspires to win . He only dreams to see India's flag on the top in the Paralympics. In his most recent interviews, he said that he wanted to initiate an academy for Paralympic swimmers in India. 

A young boy from Pune who lost both his limbs at the age of 11 in an accident electrocuted by unprotected wiring at the construction site . Both of his arms had to be amputed and he subsequently spent 6 months in hospital . His father is a national swimmer and he yearns to fulfill his father's destiny by winning gold for India. "Disability should not become an obstacle in path of your dreams" he says . I've admired him since long and in my darkest of days his courage motivates me to stay upto my dreams . Notwithstanding the evidence that he was not financially sound he continued to pursue his father's dream and we know the very essence of this consistent hard work that paid him off . He is an historic gold medalist qualifying 'A' mark in Paralympics Rio 2016 , Won more than 13 medals for india  . A sense of patriotism arose in me , and i started imagining myself holding a medal for India , ah ! What a feeling it is ! A voice disrupted me suddenly , i looked back curiously and found my phone was ringing . Dang ! Time for my online classes now , what kind of an annoyed feeling it is ! I left my brew undrunk and went in room for my classes . 


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