Why I aspire to be like A.R Rahman

Music makes me feel every situation more deeply. Besides loving the songs sung by A.R Rahman I'm also inspired by his life story and I'm sure you'll also be.

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A.R Rahman, singer, composer, director who has made it to the top and continues to surprise us by his music on a timely basis wasn’t always the best in the industry. He was once a regular child, a teenager with an ambition. He wanted to do wonders in the music industry but had to face A.R Rahman sayings

 A.R Rahman’s father Mr. R.K Shekhar passed away when Rahman was just 9 years old. After which he found himself in a financial crisis having to change schools, houses etc. Being raised by his mother and watching his mother do it all to serve the best for her children, Rahman decided to make it big and continue his music from where he had left off and after assisting leading musicians in India went on to compose jingles and scores for popular Indian television features. He also obtained a degree in western classical music from the Trinity College of Music, London.

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A.R Rahman is one personality im deeply inspired by in life. Not only because he made it to the top but because he did despite all the hardships he faced in life. Lack of finances, support, fate he still managed to over power any problem that came in his way. I completely relate with Rahman and see him as an inspiration because he could do what many people like me can’t find the courage to. We’re not brave enough to fight all odds and go against where our destiny is taking us. We’re not motivated enough. We look for someone to guide us through our mishappenings while Rahman made it on his own. He proved to be great at what he did. 

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There are people I personally know who took up music as a career option because they were inspired by A.R Rahman. The inspiration without which they’d have followed a different path that they never wanted to pursue just because they were scared of chosing an unstable path such as music. A.R Rahman’s story gave them a direction to trust. His sayings and doings touched them. A.R Rahman in my personal opinion is a truly charimatic soul who doesnt only touch lives through his music but also by the obstacles he faced to reach where he is right now.

A.R Rahman a true inspiration His songs have such magic in them that they make every body who can even minutely sing well want to try their hand at singing. A.R Rahman’s talent has been successfully recognised through several awards presented to him. Rahman’s belief in music has helped many people such as me sing with utmost passion. Even if not his music, his story and his words have truly changed the outlook of the country’s youth towards a career in music.

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  1. He is very nice singer. He is grammy and academy award winning musician. He is also writer,produser and composer too. His writeup is amazing. Content is great.

  2. Wonderful post. He is very nice singer. He is grammy and academy award winning musician. He is also writer ,composer and producer too. His writeup is amazing .content is great.

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