What Inspires You About MS Dhoni?


What inspires you about MS Dhoni?

As we all know MS dhoni born and brought up from small town Ranchi ,we can think of the struggle and dedication which he might have put up for playing costliest sport of India

My inspiration is Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

Starting of with a quote of the great Sunil Gavaskar – “If tomorrow he has to say goodbye to all the trappings of fame, Dhoni will calmly get on his motorbike and go away. He is that rarity who treats both those impostors – wins and losses – in the same way. He simply plays the game”.

If something defines MSD in a single line, it has to be the above quote. In a cricket-frenzy nation, I bet most of you can go on and on about the achievements of MSD – The Cricketer. But he is my inspiration not only because of his laurels in cricket, majorly it is because of the kind of person he is, both on the field and off the field. Dhoni has an arsenal of leadership skills that can be applied to not only people but also to businesses.

The reasons why he is my inspiration is because of the following qualities:

1. Calmness : We always talk about staying calm under pressure and keep on preaching it, but it is easier said that done. But for Dhoni, pressure situation is just like another day in the office. No matter what the situation is, MSD is the coolest person you could find on the cricket field. You’ll never find him succumb to the pressure and the thing that makes him special is his ability to take rational decisions in tough situations. In our life also, we encounter numerous pressure situations and the only thing that matters is how we react to such situations.

2. ā€ˇStaying Grounded: Dhoni won fame and money at an early stage in his career but he was, and still is, humble and modest. He knows that losing and winning are part and parcel of the game. Even after achieving everything in world cricket, he never lost his ground and that’s why he is one of the most respectable cricketers in the world. One should learn to acknowledge the success, accept failures and bounce back.

3. Sharing the success: You’ll never find MSD take the credit for the team’s victory. Be it in the interviews, post-match presentations or press conferences, he never boasts about himself, rather he talks about the team effort. This is necessary to bring out confidence in team members, make them feel secure and inspire them to perform.

4. Competitor respect: In sport as in business or any other field, you know you have achieved a milestone when your opponents take you seriously and allow themselves to show a degree of respect to you. Dhoni has made that happen by his consistent, calm behavior.

5. Leading from the front: There is a reason why MSD is known as the Best Finisher in the game. He has won so many games for India, as well as the franchise which he plays for in the IPL, Chennai Super Kings, single-handedly. A team leader should be able to lead by example especially when the team needs the most. No one can forget the inning played by MSD in 2011 World Cup Final at Wankhede, Mumbai. He rose up to the occasion and played a decisive role in the victory.

Let me end the article with one of the best quotes of MSD, “what doesn’t kill you makes you strong”.


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