Vijay Shekhar sharma story

The story of a middle-class boy turned Billionaire.


Vijay Shekhar Sharma

This is a story of a middle-class boy who became a billionaire, His story tells us that from whatever background you belong to you have that ability to change yourself. His story also makes us believe that. You don't need to be from those prestigious MBA colleges to excel in business, in the end, it's an IDEA that all matters, it's all that awareness of market matters, it's all that vision matters and willingness matters. 

Who was knowing that a boy from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh on 8th July 1973 comes with a great vision
His smartness was visible from childhood only as he was a very bright student.
Did you this amazing fact about him …… (come near) He passed his schooling at the age of 14 years. Isn't that amazing. I mean at that early age he passed his schooling. ya ya thank me later  
yaa …. one more thing he was from UP board and a Hindi medium student. 

Now he is going to be a part of the real world. As his college education starts. one more thing at now he is 15 years old only. He got admission to Delhi College of Engineering in Electronics and communication engineering. You can think of 15 what we all were doing. just kidding, we don't need to compare. 

Because of his Hindi medium background, he had to face so many problems like he was feeling humiliated when the professor asks him any question and he was not able to reply in English.
he was also bullied by his some the peer member, he was not able to understand what was happening in class. So he decided not to attend the class.

Now he used to spend his time library reading books and biographies of successful people after that some time in the computer lab learning to code. He used to buy magazines and read about silicon valley culture and about leading colleges of America. dreaming to reach there but financial conditions stop him from going there.

But between all this now he comes with a new company XS COMMUNICATION – basically it was a search engine. after two years it was sold to some American company.
Great achievement man.

After some time after graduation and all he got an offer from many companies but he worked only 6 months and left the job and started again of something of his own.

Now Vijay comes with a new company which is still owned by him and that is ONE97 for which bought loan at a very high-interest rate which was around (24-26%) ya that much huge.
now he got into trouble because his company was not generating good revenue to survive and a hefty interest was getting charged. However, he managed to get out of this by helping one person in his business and working there for him.

Days passed on and things got better. Now he observed that there was so much problem of change ….. (chhute ki jhik jhik see chhutti karo paytm karo) and risk of carrying cash. 

Finally, In August 2010 a company launched PAYTM, Who was knowing it is going to be a billion-dollar company, By the way, are you aware of PAYTM full form its Pay Through Mobile.

later on, he got funding and investment from JACK MA, Soft bank, Berkshire Hathway, and many more. PAYTM might be going to list on the Stock exchange in 2020

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