Vicky Ratnani’s Cooking Style has put India on the World Culinary Map


Vicky Ratnani is a chef who can make even the most mundane cooking experiences fun and lively. Down to earth and with a sense of humour, Vicky is a passionate foodie who unfailingly enthrals audiences with his easygoing approach to cooking. A versatile chef who creates dishes belonging to a variety of cuisines, it’s little surprise then that Vicky Ratnani’s cooking style has become a hit with the Indian audience.

Vicky Ratnani’s recipes are inspired by ingredients from cuisines as diverse as Chinese, Italian, Mediterranean and many more. With a vast experience in the culinary realm, having headed an entire culinary team in the kitchen of the prestigious Cunard ocean liners, Vicky has worked with chefs from several countries.  He is widely travelled, and proudly calls himself “an explorer and lover for flavour and taste”.

Known for his flair with flavours, he has elevated vegetarianism to an art form. He hosted the hugely successful show Vicky Goes Veg which became so popular that he published a cookbook by the same name.

Vicky is also one of the first chefs to introduce molecular gastronomy to Indian diners. Molecular gastronomy, a subdiscipline of food science, applies the concepts of physics and chemistry to investigate how ingredients are transformed by different cooking methods, the role of our senses in our appreciation of food and the perception of taste and flavour, and how even external influences affect our enjoyment of food.

According to Vicky, produce is king, and his cooking style is a result of his emphasis on focusing on freshly sourced local produce. Vicky loves to experiment with ingredients, and is proficient in both Indian dishes and foreign cuisines. His recipes are, quite literally, the world on your plate.

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