UNFORGETTABLE secrets revealed directly FROM RANVEER’S POT!

To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!


To eat is a necessity, but to eat intelligently is an art!! And no one other than Ranveer Brar, India's one of the most favourite celebrity chef, MasterChef India judge, 

can give us more intelligent ways of cooking and eating as the weather allows. Be it Navratri or Christmas or Eid -ul -fitar, his cooking skills and kitchen tips will always give the flavour in your dish a nudge that you will be looking for.

Let’s know some UNFORGETTABLE secrets revealed directly FROM RANVEER'S POT!

1. One of the most important things we want when we cook paneer is the crispiness. Adding a spoon of cornflour and marinating paneer with it will for sure make your paneer crispier than before. 

2. Chinese food is oily and is not mostly healthy, now there is a different way you can get rid of the oils is by simply roast or grill the chicken or bake Manchurian balls instead of frying it. Chef suggests adding vegetable oyster sauce along with soy sauce to the gravy.

3. The secret to know a good pasta is in its boiling water. If the pasta is good its water will never get dirty while boiling it, it will remain clean. So, now we will get to know from which vendor to buy pasta from!!

4. "The art of cooking is really important,' he adds. But then the science behind food is equally important. Another scientific tip to get rid of the moistures in your spices is by adding muslin bags of rice which soaks all the moisture from the spices.

5. Last but not the least tip to be added in your treasure box of cooking is You should not cook 100 per cent of the food on the flame. Even when you take the food off the flame, it continues to cook. Allow the food to cook in its own heat.

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