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  1. 1 Approaching characters

    Some actors spend days and weeks trying to understand the psyche of their characters, some read up a lot to inculcate certain characteristics, some believe in just convincing the audience. What Alia does is however, try not think too much about it, while she performs the shot. Otherwise it disrupts her. Makes sense, don't you think? 

  2. 2 Being a star and still being humble

    Alia tries not to be aware of good things in life. Because she is an actress, she is very conscious of herself and the image she is projecting. Hence she needs to keep her pride in check which she manages beautifully by being unaware of the good things in life.

  3. 3 Why challenge?

    Life without challenge is boring. Challenges test our potential and push us out of the comfort zone. They are very important for our character growth and to see how far we can go. Alia feels that a life without challenges is boring. She hence, tries to challenge herself, to try new things, to make sure life remains interesting.

  4. 4 Being aware of flaws.

    One of the first steps in growing, as an actress or any individual for that matter is to be aware of one's flaws. Alia is aware that she needs to correct her HIndi, she needs to bring in more elegance in her body language and needs to work on certain other things. This is a sure shot step towards growth!

  5. 5 The competition?

    Alia thinks that it's fine if you keep an eye on the competition, but what's more important and sesible is you trying find out everything that's going on in your sphere of life. It's you world and you deserve to know it all. It's what she does!

  6. 6 The ability to switch off.

    Alia says that she has this ability to switch off and consciously create a barrier between what's real and what's unreal, because it is important to love your job, but you shouldn't let it take over your life.

  7. 7 Worst thing about stardom...

    ALia thinks that the worst thing about stardom is the amount of pressure it carries. She acknowledges that there are indeed advantages like first class flight tickets and all, but she also says that there is such humongous pressure where you are scrutinised for everything from your hairstyle to your choice of footwear.

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