Top 7 Rahul Gandhi’s funny blunders that will make you laugh out loud

Rahul's top funny gaffe to lighten up your day

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Rahul Gandhi, former President of the Indian National Congress is the most entertaining politician in Indian history. Hey, let’s be optimistic, with the competition like Narendra Modi who is a great speaker, he tried everything to step up but in the process never failed to amuse Indians with his funny exploits with words and made us laugh like none other.

Here are 7 best goof ups of Rahul Gandhi that will make you all rolling on the floor, laughing:  

  1. 1 "Politics is everywhere, it's in your pants, it's in your shirt, everywhere"

    Well, Rahul Gandhi is right to some extent when he says politics is everywhere But it's in shirt and in pants, really? My fellow readers, those who are wearing a shirt or a pant, please check them out and let me know in the comment section if you find politics there.
    And what about the females in our country, most of them carry saree?  Does this mean they are politically abandoned? Now that has become a question on the right to equality.  

  2. 2 "This morning I got up at night"

    Rahul Gandhi while Giving 'Hope' speech at Jaipur, goofed up again. Those words that made everyone belly laugh were "This morning I got up at night, 4'o clock in the morning". Something woeful must have happened to Mr.Rahul Gandhi on the night of that morning.

  3. 3 Kumbhkaran Lift Yojna went to sleep


    Again RaGa's slip of the tongue made everyone burst into laughter. The switches between  Kumbharam and Kumbhkaran kept us wide awake, laughing. According to research, it's impossible to fall asleep while laughing. So next time, listen to a comedian or you can listen to Rahul's speech when you need to stay awake.

  4. 4 "2 out of 1 kid is malnourished in Gujarat"


    Rahul Gandhi while slamming the Bjp's development model in Gujrat in the rally at Latur, bumbled saying "Ek mein se do baccha...bacche bhooke h malnourished h Gujrat mein" ( 2 out of one child... children is hungry and malnourished in Gujrat). Binary Fission in biology must be the only class RaGa has attended. I wish he had not bunked the other classes.

  5. 5 From Shikanji to Coco-Cola

    This blunder is too delicious to pass up for this list.
    Rahul Gandhi to his audience in Delhi: "Who started the Coco-Cola company? Kya koi janta h?"
    "Coco-Cola wala America mein Shikanji bechta tha (The man who started Coco-Cola sold Lemonade in America in his early  days)

    Such a misfortune for the Indian National Congress, that their leader can't think beyond shikanji and pakoras.

  6. 6 Gandhi Uncalled Gandhi

    In Parliament, while retorting NDA's criticism towards MNREGA( Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act) scheme, Rahul Gandhi fumbled and called MNREGA as NREGA, dropping the name of the father of the nation. He later corrected it as Mahatma Gandhi Yojana again creating a blunder. Clearly, RaGa doesn't know the full name of the Indian National Congress's most successful scheme (as they call it to be).

  7. 7 Potato factory

    While addressing people at Firozabad. Rahul uttered bloopers "You all demanding aloo ki factory but as an opposition party, I can't make decisions, I can't open aloo ki factory for the farmers here." Well, it's not aloo ki factory but aloo chips ki factory ( potato chips) so that farmers can sell their crops at profit to the factory. We are living in 2019, meanwhile, Rahul Gandhi is living in 2050 talking about a factory with machines that can grow potatoes.

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    Disclaimer: This post is just for comic purposes with no intention to offend anyone's feelings.

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