Top 5 Data Analysts in world

Here are the top 5 Data analysts in the world who has done a great work in the field of data analytics.


Data is ruling the world in 21st century, data analysis plays a crucial role in the development of any organization. Data scientists combines computer science, modeling, statistics and other skills along with some business views they gives the solutions to many complex questions or problems that helps an organizations make objective decisions. 

Data Analysis is nothing but the transformation, structuring and modeling of data inorder to get or discover useful information which helps us in making decisions and making conclusions. Career in data science field is very much greater and challenging. To get insights from industrial experts you can reach them through Xpert.

  1. 1 Dj Patil

    Dhanurjay Patil is a former US Chief Data Scientist, along with Jeff Hammerbacher he coined the term "Data Science". Dj Patil has been a pricipal consultant to many leading companies which include Skype, Salesforce, eBay. He established new health-care progrmas which includes the precision medicine initiative and the cancer moonshot. His efforts led in creating 40 cheif data officer roles in the government. His insights and acheivements will helps the students who are willing to pursue their career in the data analytics field. To know more Xpert.

  2. 2 Jeff Hammerbacher

    Jeff Hammerbacher is a chief scientist and co-founder of cloudera. He along with Dj Patil coined the term "Data Science". He developed many methods and techniques for storing, analysing and modeling large amount of data. He also works as instructor at the Icahn School of Medicine. His efforts and works in data science field was the key factor in building the first data science team of facebook, one of the gaints in social media. You can get his views and insights from Xpert to gain knowledge in data science field.

  3. 3 Alex "Sandy" Pentland

    Alex "Sandy" Pentland is termed as one of the world's most powerful data analysts. He founded and lead an MIT-wide Program which works actively in pioneering computational social science using Big Data and Artificial Inteligence. He also leads the Media Lab Enterprenuership program promoting companies using cutting edge technologies to solve real-world problems. Mr. pentland is also an advisor to Enigma Project & Endor.

  4. 4 Allen Bonde

    Allen Bonde is an industry expert, author, speaker and he is the VP and research director at forrester. Bonde was co-founder of social marketing leader Offerpop and has served as an analyst and practice leader at Yankee Group, McKinsey. He was a data scientist and researcher in machine learning and analytics in the telecom sector. He holds some patents and presented a number of technical papers for his work. His work and experience in the data analytics field will help any person who wants to takeup data science as his career. we can know more about the views of bonde at Xpert.

  5. 5 Geoffrey Hinton

    Geoffrey hinton is called as the Godfather of Deep Learning in data analytics field. He holds his Ph.D. in Artificial intelligence and he worked on neural networks. He was the founder director of the gaysby Charitable Foundation Computational Neuroscience Unit at University College London. He also offers a course on neural networks as an instructor in coursera. His research investigates on the ways of using neural networks for memory perception and symbol processing. You can gain more about his views and thoughts in the field of data analytics at Xpert.

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