The Nolan Effect

This is story of the journey of the great film maker and how it resonates with me.


Christopher Nolan is one of the greatest storytellers of our times. His movies has always made us think in the most exceptional ways and intrigue us in every possible manner. He always uses something of subject which is commonly known to us as the context for making his story but puts in a "What if…" which literally everyone who watches his movie to think, "Why can't that happen?" This has always made me connect with him. I love movies, Watching movies is literally the only thing that provides me joy in my life, and I don't think that I'm the only one who feels this way. Movies are an integral part for the mind to indulge in something interesting and thought provoking, but that doesn't mean it has to be a moral story. That is what makes it fun, movies don't need morality. It can be surreal and realistic, it can be dark and light at the same time, this quality is what I find interesting in movies and as I see Nolan's movies, he is an expert in understanding that.

A movies is something that provides purpose to life, it gives meaning to life the way a visual storyteller puts forward his/her vision every audience is witnessing something that is happening in that film maker's mind, and ehen I see Christopher Nolan's movie, I experience a vivid imagination that takes me places that I haven't even set foot in and this makes me enthusiastic and more invested in movies. This is the root cause for my disease, the disease called "Film making." A disease that I'm proud to have and keep till I have no breath left in me.

Chris's journey is what that inspired me to follow my passion, a passion of telling stories and I'm going to achieve it even if it takes a lifetime. As even when I had a tough time in my life, his movies made me feel better always, cause "It's Not What We Are Underneath That Defines Us, But What We Do That Defines Us." – Christopher Nolan's Batman Begins.

The link to Christopher Nolan's profile on Xpert

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