The history and present of the most claimed to be haunted Butler palace .

unraveling the mystery behind the BUTLER PALACE


LUCKNOW … The capital of Uttar pradesh also famous for its well known heritage ” THE NAWABS” and alos famous for its authentic as well as equally elegant Chikankari work and when it comes to chicken how can we not mention the mouth watering delicacy ” KEBABS” , Lucknow is also home for many exquisite historical architectures which have been standing on the grounds of lucknow . 

In this very city lies the infamous BUTLER PALACE situated in the heart of the city known as Butler Colony . The palace get its name from their owner Mr and Mrs Butler who owned the striking heritage , No matter how beautiful and glorious the Butler Mansion is but it has a horrifying history as The Butler Couple were put to death in their very own mansion So now you can guess why its claimed to haunted , The locals have many different stories about the still stood mansion in between the busy elite colony of lucknow but as it is said there always two sides of a coin The one side says ” ITS HAUNTED” and the other side claims ” THESE ARE JUST FABRICATED STORIES” 

I personally always considered this to be fake thou, I believe in paranormal activities the story of butler palace never sounded geniune to me. Because there is no proof of how Mr. and Mrs. butler were murdered. Were they even murdered? Or it was just another hoax created by the people. Maybe it was all just a story cooked up by those who wanted to use this palace for their own benefit for somekind of illegal activities….. What a perfet place to get high on drugs without being caught. 

When I went to Lucknow I knew that it was the perfect oppourtunity to debunk this mystery of this so called haunted palace.

2018 OCTOBER 20 2:00 AM me and my squad was all ready to uncover the truth. We reached their by 2:45 AM perfect timing right! We waited outside the Butler Palace’s gate and then finally it was 3:00 AM the time famous for all kinds of paranormal and demonic activities. It actually looked scary thou. It was midnight the dogs were barking as usual….. Yeah that did seemed a bit dramatic. 

When we entered the compound it was covered by thick bushes and trees everywhere, the ground was’nt even visible because it was all covered with grasses,bushes and the bushes were actually tall so we were more scared by the fact that there could be incects,snakes or even some small wild animals. Because it was midnight time it was dark so it was difficult to find the entrance…..two people from our group literally ran away as they were already scared by all the stories which they had heard about the palace. When we entered the palace the furniture the doors and everything was covered in a thick layer of dust. The floor the broken chandelier the crooked doors were all covered in dust it looked very spooky…..the glass from the windows were all shattered here and there now it all became scary now, it was no joke as one guy from our group said that he saw someone inside a room on the second floor hearing to this we all ran out at once as if someone was gonna murder us.

After thinking about it today I don’t know wether it was true or just the human mind as its human nature to make up things on its own that is how our mind tends to react when we hear about such stories.

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