_______ chose her to introduce the world of HARRY POTTER to us and change our lives forever.........

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It was July and was raining cats and dogs. Sophie had coffee in one hand and in the other a copy of “HARRY POTTER and THE PHILOSOPHERS STONE.” She sat on her window seat and stared at the rain, her mind shifting back and forth in search of story. That was when she glanced at the cover of the book and suddenly she was transported back to the year 1990. Sophie stood at the staion confused as to what had happened. She looked around and saw that she was at a train station in Manchester. Her clothes had changed from the comfortable shirt and pant to a formal pant suit with a book in her hand. When she opened the book it was blank no name or cover or story or any words written on the book. Sophie panicked and ran to ask for help, but no one heard her. She couldnt touch or speak to anybody, she became invisible. Worrried she stood on the station not knowing what to do or wear to go. That is when she heard sound of heels and she turned. Sophie was in shock as coming in her direction was J.K. ROWLING. She wore a formal suit with bag in one hand and her hair in ponytail. She looked faboulus Sophie thought but then she noticed her face and could see all the worries, tension and sad face. “How is that possible she is J.K. ROWLING an amazing writer who is so famous why is she sad??” Sophie screamed in her mind as J.K. passed through her. Then she noticed something unusual Rowling did not take the train instead she walked and stood against a wall. Sophie wondered as to what Rowling was upto. And then she saw and ran to stop J.K. from running into the wall. But Sophie saw something else Rowling dissapeared into the wall, Sohpie shocked stood in front of the wall wondering what had happened. Then she saw a card lying on the floor in which the platform no. was printed –

 Sophie thought could this be possible has Rowling gone into the world of Harry Potter. Is the Harry Potter world real? Sophie streched her hand to touch the wall and boom she walked through the wall and stood at the platform of 9 3/4. And in front of her stood the hogwarts express. But it was weird as she did not see anybody there. She walked around for a bit and then heard a voice saying – ” Oh my lord I am very late today.” Then she realised that it was Rowling and Sophie followed her on the train. The train left the station and as they reached the stop Rowling got down from the train and onto a carriage with Sophie following her. The carriage left and when it reached the stop Sophie could not believe where she stood. In front of her stood the talls gates and when they opened she saw the school that she always dreamed of “Hogwarts.” Sophie screamed and jumped up and down with excitiment. She followed Rowling inside the school. Sophie walked down the halls of hogwarts with excitement and amazement to what she saw. Sophie stood in front of the doors of the Great Hall. She saw everything the two big doors, the ceiling open with candles suspended and floating in the air, four huge rows of the longest tables and benches that ran till the stage. Sophie walked and saw that instead of students writers sat on the benches. 

Seated in the middle row she saw Agatha Christe, Sidney Sheldon, Rick Riordian and Ron Roy. She saw J.K. as she slipped next to Agatha. Her eyes then rolled towards the stage and saw Albus Dumbledore and Minerva McGonagall. Sophie could not belive what she saw. She stood in the most loved school by all in front of the two most magnificant teachers. Then Dumbledore spoke saying – “Good evening to all of you, as you know that you all have been chosen to fulfill a prophercy that was founded by the Ministry of Magic. Many of had been invited into Hogwarts to participate in the Writers Challenge. We started the event with 20 writers and now we have our top five writers. From the five of you only one will be chosen to fulfill the prophercy and earn rewards. Now Professor McGonagall will further explain. May the best writer win.” Sophie was eagerly waiting to know what the prophercy held. Then she saw McGonagall step forward. She stood next to a stool with the magical Sorting Hat. She said – ” Now the final part of the challenge will take place. One by one all of you will come and take your place on the stool I will then place the sorting hat on your head and if the hat speaks you will be the one to fulfill the prophecy. Now first up is Sidney Sheldon.” Sophie watched Sidney as she took her place on the stool and the hat was placed. But the hat did not speak. Sophie prayed that no one except for Rowling to be selected. 

She waited  with her nalis in her mouth everytime a writer went up. She then took a breath of relief when none of them got selected. And now it was Rowlings turn on the stool. McGonagall placed the sorting hat on her head. Sophie waited for the hat to speak up, she could see then tension on Rowlings face. But the hat did not speak. As McGonagall was about to take off the hat from her head the sorting hat spoke. It said – “You have a unique mind and will do good in fulfilling the prophercy. Congratulations.” Sophie then saw the huge smile spread across Rowlings face with excitement. Dumbledore came forward and said- “Congratulations my dear you have been selected to fulfill the prophercy.  As for the rest of you many thanks and good luck for the future.” With that he vanished all the others by just a clap. He then continued – “Ms. Rowling now the most important thing for you to remember are the names  Harry Potter and Voldemort. And now the prophercy-“. That is when Sophie screamed and jumped up and down with excitement. And  was caught by Dumbledore he saw her and clapped his hands two times and Sophie vanished from Hogwarts and thud. 

Sophie had fallen from her window seat and onto the floor. She immediately got up and realised that she had fallen asleep. She had dreamed all the things seeing Rowling, going to hogwarts, seeing Dumbeldore and McGonalgall. She was sad for a while but then she smiled as she had the idea for her story. She took her book and pen sat down on the chair and wrote on a fresh page The Chosen One. 

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