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  1. 1 what irritates you the most?


    Chose from the given options what makes you feel frustrated 

    1. tenor-3-11.gif
      it could be your relatives
    2. tenor-4-10.gif
      when someone lies to you on your face and you already know the truth
    3. tenor-5-23.gif
      when you have no one to talk to and you feel empty
    4. tenor-6-22.gif
      people who brag a lot around you, it just kills your whole mood
  2. 2 what makes you happy?


    things that make you go wild like go get it right now, what is it?

    1. tenor-8-5.gif
      is it food?
    2. tenor-9-4.gif
      going out to the end of the world with friends
    3. tenor-10-3.gif
      sleeping all day long and just being in your bed, doing nothing
    4. giphy-6-3.gif
      music turn your mood in a way nothing else could
  3. 3 where do you wanna go out ?


    Places tell a lot about people, so find out what your journey tells about you

    1. tenor-12-1.gif
      The Himalayas
    2. giphy-14-1.gif
      It could be Paris too
    3. giphy-13-2.gif
      or would you like to have some drinks at goa beach
    4. tenor-13-1.gif
      a trip in the jungle would be an option too?
  4. 4 what makes you feel sad?


    Feeling depressed is one of the factors which affects your personality a lot

    1. tenor-15-1.gif
      you might have a crush on someone but they don't bother so it hurts you
    2. tenor-16-1.gif
      you have no friends ?
    3. tenor-17-1.gif
      you have nothing to do all day long which makes life more harder for you
    4. tenor-18-1.gif
      you want to be perfect but you don't look so smart ?
  5. 5 your favorite actress?


    tell us about your dream girl, what she should be like??

    1. giphy-3-9.gif
      Aishwarya Rai Bachan
    2. giphy-4-6.gif
      one n only Madhuri Dixit
    3. giphy-5-5.gif
      the gorgeous Deepika Padukone
    4. tenor-19-1.gif
      this cutie Alia Bhatt
  6. 6 what about your dream after your dream girl?


    dreams come true if you work hard enough for them, don't they?

    1. tenor-21-1.gif
      a mansion with private jet?
    2. tenor-22-1.gif
      marrying your crush and spending rest of your life with them is just so cool
    3. tenor-23-1.gif
      so much money that you can buy this world with your worth
    4. tenor-24-1.gif
      you just want to stay happy for rest of your life no matter what
  7. 7 how would you like to die?


    People even have death plans

    1. tenor-26-1.gif
      suicide is not an option, is it?
    2. tenor-27-1.gif
      turn into a zombie
    3. tenor-28-1.gif
      on a hospital bed?
    4. tenor-29-1.gif
      drink and drive car accident

Take this quiz to find out more about yourself :

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  1. Quiz result

    you are an emotional fool and trust people easily

    seems like you are more of a romantic person on the inside but you try to pretend like you don't care about things..

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  2. Quiz result

    you get mad when people betray you

    when the one whom you trust blindly betrays you, you just let them go away from your life without a second thought.

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  3. Quiz result

    life has always been adventurous for you

    you like to go out on trips and always try to find out new things in this world which makes you different from others

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  4. Quiz result

    you are devdas of your group

    people leave you no matter how hard you try to be with them and it kills you from inside out

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