Story of trauma to triumph-story of deepika padukone

Story that is related to one or the other woman in some sense.from downfall to reaching heights she is great example of hard working, strong and successful woman.

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”how can u do this?”- she said
i think you  are having some kind of misunderstanding-he replied
”one can ignore the mistakes once or twice but not everytime”-she said griefly
”OK Then ! i cant handle all these things lets part our ways…lets breakup !!” he shouted
sobbing deeeply she said nothing…

she called him again and again in the hope that he would annswer and the things might get back on the track.but nothing like this happened…he never answered the call.

Shattered and broken ,sitting in the dark room cross legged and teary eyes,not getting the
hope to wake up for the next morning…
She went in depression !!!

Toughest phase of life is to get back from the fact, when ur deeply in love with someone and they leave u and never comes back!!

Days and weeks passed..nothing changed ..she kept on thinking, lying on the bed in deep dark room.
Then oneday  she thought
”its my life and body and only i have the right to decide what im gonna do with it!”
With lots of courage she talked to his friend and on his insistence she decided to open up her situation in front of world !
though ti was not easy but she gained confidence within herself to do it,to reach out to the girls who are going through the same thing and facing the same problem

Best way of dealing the depression is to share and talk with your loved ones

years passed ,she worked on herself ,improvised and started loving herself!!
she is happily married and happy successful woman!!!

this was the story of brilliant hard working actress DEEPIKA PADUKONE
and surely she is my inspiration and i learnt a lot from her!!


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2 shares, 11 points

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