Spirituality can improve your everyday life and help you find self-happiness. There are many practices to choose from to build better connection with oneself.

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What spirituality means?

You can’t find one, final definition of spirituality. Nevertheless, there are some key elements which are present in all the explanations. Spirituality involves feeling of connection with “something bigger”. It is associated with searching for the meaning of life and obtaining peace with oneself. Spirituality doesn’t mean religion, however it’s part of it (rectangle and square dilemma). It’s important to acknowledge, that spirituality is not only for “the chosen”. Everyone can practice and experience the benefits of spirituality.

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Benefits of spirituality on mental health

There is a lot of research, providing data on the positive influence of spirituality on mental health. Scientists highlight advantages of spirituality not only in illnesses like depression, anxiety or cancer but also in people everyday life. Here are some benefits:

  • improved stress resistance
  • copying with problems become easier
  • being more patient 
  • feeling of safety
  • high self-esteem and self-happiness
  • feeling the belonging to the world (feeling less lonely)
  • finding peace with oneself
  • better connection with oneself, other people, environment
  • makes recovery easier (stressful events, physical injuries, serious illnesses)
  • encourage cooperation and global society

As you can see, you can gain a lot from spirituality. Are there any drawbacks? One danger, might be entering the toxic, close community. That’s why it’s important to be mindful while choosing spiritual groups.

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How can I learn more about spirituality?

Regular spirituality practice gives better results. How to start? You can find yourself involving in different activities, like yoga, meditation, religious celebration, arts or spending more time with nature. It’s important to be in a safe environment, with people you can trust. It’s always worth to look for knowledge from the top experts in human psychology: Dalai Lama, yoga instructors, priests, philosophers… They can help you with your journey, answering questions about spirituality. You can find the list of spiritual teachers here

Good luck!

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