Shiv Khera’s 6 Tips for a Happier, Fuller Life


Despite being born into a business family, Shiv Khera has worked as a car washer, insurance agent and a franchise operator. A jack of all trades, he has learned a lot over the decades before deciding to become a motivational speaker. Here is what our Xpert advises for you to have a more fulfilling and contented life.

1. Don’t Quit

Shiv emphasises the need to persevere against all odds, as the difference between a winner and a loser is that tiny bit of effort that can truly make a difference. After all, winners never quit and quitters never win.

2. Have Direction

As Shiv himself says, many people are going nowhere fast. Therefore he suggests it is important to have a sense of direction in life, with a concrete goal to achieve. The roadmap can be charted out accordingly.

3. Maintain an Idea Book

Shiv suggests that we must all maintain a book of ideas, because the ideas we get evaporate faster than we think.

4. Take a Stand

Shiv says you should take a stand for the things you believe in. Neutrality is not a sign of a leader, as the ones who are neutral will bend with the breeze, whichever way the breeze blows.

5. Live Purposefully

It has been said all too often that the purpose of life is a life of purpose. Shiv urges you to have a lifetime goal, so that you can lead a life of accomplishment. Define success in your own terms and work towards making it a reality.

6. Embrace Positivity

Positivity helps to build mental strength. Fill your day and your life with positive thoughts, positive ideas and positive actions that make you feel good. In doing so, you can spread positivity to others around you, in turn creating a perpetuating virtuous circle of positivity.

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