Ratan Tata Story: Do What You Believe Is Right

In this article, I will share about the impact of the Ratan Tata Story in my life and at the end of this article, you will gather what you can learn from his life.

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The inspirational story of Ratan Naval Tata

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Ratan Naval Tata is well known as Ratan Tata. He is an inspiration for many businessmen and aspiring entrepreneurs. He is not just an industrialist of India but also a great human being. Although he is one of the top businessman in India but still he is not on the list of billionaires because he is not a billionaire. Ratan Tata was the interim chairman of Tata Sons. He continues to head the main two Tata trusts Sir Dorabji Tata Trust and Sir Ratan Tata Trust and their allied trusts, with a combined stake of 66% in Tata Sons, Tata group’s holding company. Ratan Tata says, “Wealth is not the aim for Tata family”.

The early life of Ratan Naval Tata

The early life of Ratan Tata

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Ratan Tata was born in Mumbai on 28 December 1937. He is the son of Naval Tata and grandson of Sir Jamshedji Tata the founder of Tata group. In 1948, when Ratan Tata was 10 years old his parents separated and afterward he was raised by his grandmother Navajbai Tata, his grandmother adopted him formally through the J. N. Petit Parsi Orphanage.

He studied at the Campion School till the 8th class, followed by Cathedral and John Connon School and at Bishop Cotton School in Shimla. In 1955, he graduated from Riverdale Country School in New York City. In 1959, he then received a degree in Structural Engineering from Cornell University, and in 1975, attended the seven-week Advanced Management Program of Harvard Business School — an institution which he has since endowed.

The career of Ratan Naval Tata

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There were so many ups and downs Ratan Tata has faced during his professional career. The only thing which helped him to succeed in his career was his determination and dedication for his work. Ratan Tata started his career with a long-term vision and he proved that if we believe in ourselves we can succeed anyway. Here is an overview of Ratan Tata’s career journey

In 1961, Ratan Tata began his career in the Tata Group, he was working on the shop floor of Tata Steel, shoveling limestone, and handling the blast furnace.

In the 1970s, he was promoted to management of Group company National Radio and Electronics (NELCO). At that time the company collapse during an economic slowdown. Ratan Tata has tried everything possible to prove his abilities but due to the economic slowdown he was unable to achieve his goals. 

In 1991,  J. R. D. Tata decided to retire as chairman of Tata Sons and give the role to Ratan Tata. It was a great year for Ratan Tata. When he obtained the role he faced many challenges. Many companies heads refused to comply with him, some of whom had spent decades in their respective companies and rose to become very powerful and influential due to the freedom to operate under JRD Tata. To build the Tata group brand he began replacing them by setting a retirement age. He then made individual companies report operationally to the group office. He made each contribute some of their profit to the Tata group.

Acheivements of Ratan Naval Tata

Achievements of Ratan Tata

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Ratan Tata received the Padma Bhushan in 2000 and Padma Vibhushan in 2008, the third and second highest civilian honors awarded by the Government of India.

The impact of Ratan Tata Story in my life

Quote by Ratan Tata

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We all have someone whom we follow and by whom we are inspired. I am also inspired by Ratan Tata not only from the aspect of a businessman but more than that from the aspect of a great human being. Ratan Tata is an inspiration for many aspiring entrepreneurs but many people don’t know about his contribution to society and love for the nation.

After reading his biography I came to realize that every successful person has an untold story, a story of struggle, dedication, and determination to accomplish dreams. Ratan Tata was from the Tata family, he has all the excuses which he can employ to not to do anything great but he didn’t.

He started his career like an ordinary young talent but the long-term vision and his dedication for that vision made him an extraordinary entrepreneur. This is what inspires me to do something, this is what motivates me to keep going. Maybe there are so many reasons which can pull us down to make something happen but we should always remember that we are alive for a reason.

Take the stones people throw at you. And use them to build a monument.

– Ratan Tata

Why should you follow Ratan Tata and what you can learn from his story

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I believe that we should learn from everyone if anyone is doing something great we should learn from him/her even if the person is younger than us. The story of Ratan Tata itself is a great  example of his saying,

I don’t believe in taking right decisions. I take decisions and then make them right.

This simply means that if we believe in ourselves anything is possible and Ratan Tata has proved that. Ratan Tata has also faced many difficulties in his life. He was mentally depressed due to the separation of his parents when he was just 10 years old.

After that, he struggled a lot at the beginning of his career in the Tata group. From the resistance from companies heads to getting rejections from the team members of the Tata family. But Ratan Tata was so driven for his goals and he achieved everything he wanted to achieve. He proved everyone that his every decision was right.

It doesn’t matter how hard your situation is, it doesn’t matter how hard you have to work, no matter if no one believes in you or your idea. If you believe that you are right you can make everything possible.

If you are a student or a businessman you should follow him as a human being. After all these ups and downs he has shown his love for the nation and its people. 66% shares of Tata Sons is owned by trusts. For him, people come first and profit comes last. Even now Ratan Tata is investing in new startups to do something great for the nation.

“Do what you believe is right.” – Ratan Tata

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