Public Relations: As a profession and its Types


Public Relations gained its secured place in the industry in the 1990s when the globalization of India accelerated. With the emergence of several multi-national companies, the marketplace became more competitive and hence they realized the importance of maintaining their brand image and reputation. Since then Public relations has come a long way and now it has grown its branches into several areas of businesses.

Public Relations is the art of creating a brand image and its goodwill. It brings the company or an individual closer to its target audience by building a cordial relationship between them. Whenever a brand appears in the limelight, it is their PR team that works behind the curtain. Since the brand works in different areas of business, Public Relations has also spread its wings in different types. Some of the types of Public Relation are as follows:

1. Media Relations – This deal with all the press releases and press conferences. Media Relations requires a network with print media houses and other news channels. The main aim is to give a positive coverage about the brand.

2. Corporate and Social Responsibility – CSR is one of the important activities every company deals with. Public Relations is responsible for creating a positive image of the company or a brand through social activities like save the environment, say no to animal abuse, etc. This requires a cordial relationship and networking with the company leaders.

3. Crisis Management – This is an important area which Public Relations professionals handle. They are responsible for improving the company’s image whenever there is a faulty step taken place or some wrongdoing done. The skill required is quick thinking and working smartly under pressure.

4. Public affairs – This area involves building a relationship with the government. It includes various practices like trading, legislatures, and even CSR. It’s about communication with the government officials to maintain a positive impact from the government side.

5. Internal relations – This is all about maintaining relations within the organization. Communicating with the employees, regulating them on their responsibilities, and bridging the gap between them, is what this PR focuses on.

Though the roles and responsibilities of each type is different, but one thing that connects all these wings and bring them under one tag of PR is networking. Networking plays an important role in this profession. There are many platforms, for example, XPERT, where you can network with the top PR professional from the industry itself and learn from them about this profession.

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  1. Really a great content . Such an informative. Yes public relations comprises all of these where it include all of these media relations in company or internal relations in an organization, or when it comes to CSR and also the crisis faced.

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