PRIYANKA CHOPRA- my and your inspiration.

Is there any single person who does not feel inspired by Priyanka Chopra? Not really... She has done it all and the lady is unstoppable even now.


PRIYANKA CHOPRA!!!! A name that is an inspiration to many. If we look at her, we are bound to question- HOW ON THE PLANET CAN SOMEONE BE SO PERFECT?? She has achieved everything, gotten recognition internationally and still she doesn't just sit and enjoy like most of people do after a certain point. This is why I find Priyanka extremely inspirational and there is a certain connection I feel. The way she carries her aura while addressing media or making  any public appearances even internationally just speaks the volume of the lady's confidence. Priyanka ChopraAnd the best part is you don't have to be particularly interested in the cine business to follow her. She has proved it umpteenth times that she is  much more than a pretty face. So she is an award-winning Indian actress,singer,producer,former Miss World and philanthropist.And not to forget that the lady is also UNICEF's goodwill ambassdor.In nutshell, she has done it all!

What is most fascinating about her is the self confidence, she is beauty with brains, witty, posses a wonderful presence of mind and a brilliant speaker. I as an individual has always looked upto her. If I ever feel disheartened about something or need a nice breeze of motivation, I just go on to YouTube, type Priyanka Chopra and boom there comes the treasure of knowledge… her interviwes exactly reflect her ideology. Mrs. Priyanka Chopra Jonas has never hesitated or shied away from any topic be it- women empowerment, girl child education, holistic development of children, national interest topics or internationally relevant subjects. She has a very unique take upon the subjects and there is a lot that we could learn from her.

There is one particular qoute of Priyanka that keeps echoing in my brain and that is " NOBODY IN THE WORLD CAN DO ANYTHING TO YOU WITHOUT YOUR CONSENT". These words reflect her determination to achieve her goals and the ability of not giving power to others over herself.

Priayanka Chopra has been and will always be my idol. She represents feminism and that sums up everything I admire about her. And I'm thankul that there are platforms that connect us with our idols. So that we can learn not only from listening to them or reading about them but by observation as well. But in these times, when everyone has a phone in their hands, things become messy and some of our most popular social media platforms have become a debating point that functions in an echo chamber. Then the most sweetest and postive advice or thought becomes a victim of manipulation, Thats why I'm thankful to XPERT for giving me a platform to connect with the pioneers without any fuss. Here, I have access to every liitle to bigger guidance that the experts have to offer.

to people out there who admire Priyanka lime me, visit the link below to know more about your idol and get your questions anwered directly by the lady herself-

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