Small wonder by Mr. Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata has been an industrialist, investor and philanthropist who gave our nation a leader who always was a contributor to the society.


One rainy morning, a businessman was travelling through the gridlock traffic on the road of South India. The road was flooded pack with vehicle and people trying to rush out of the place to reach their destination. The street was full of swerving scooters, father maintaining the balance, mother carrying one kid and other kid standing in the tiny front area on scooter. The most important thing none of those were wearing a helmet. As the signal opened the vehicles took a leap towards the other side. This scenario made the businessman anxious about the safety of the commuters. Suddenly the scooter right in front of his car lost its control. In no time the family plummeted over the pavement. That’s when the businessman thought, no one was hurt they just got lucky but what if this could have been bad.

Then as a businessman could get a solution to the problem, he decided to design a car that will be affordable to a common man, making his family commute safe. This was Ratan Tata, who brought the concept of NANO, car of a common man. The car cost around 2 lakh, could accommodate 4 people. Its defining features – high fuel efficiency, low weight, designed to incorporate all international safety regulations then applicable and having the lowest emission level among all cars then being made in India – offered at the cheapest price in the world. This was the affordable and safe passenger car that appealed to most of the Indian who drive their family of 4 on bike or scooter.

NANO – small wonder

The announcement made headlines around the world, supplying new evidence of India’s dramatic rise from impoverished economic laggard to industrial and technological dynamo. It also drew attention to the quiet tycoon who conceived and nurtured the phenomenal car.

Mr. Ratan Tata

Ratan Tata has been an industrialist, investor and philanthropist who gave our nation a leader who always was a contributor to the society.Mr. Tata does not like being told that something is not possible. Associates and rivals alike say that behind his gentlemanly demeanour lies a ferocious competitor. Nothing underscores that like the launch of the Nano, his most daring move yet.

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  1. Great things was done by Ratan Tata and we are thankful to sir,Ratan Tata who is serving our country and society without any demand his job is thankless. Job

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