Narayana Murthy : The story of failure to success – Press Release

Progress is often equal to the difference between mind and mindset. ( Narayana Murthy)

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Narayana Murthy who is the founder of Infosys the man with a net worth of $1.9 billion, he is a person who doesn’t need any introduction, he is a self-made man who is even called as the father of Indian IT sector. His work speaks for him. He had burning desire to achieve what he always dreamed of, he was determined and hardworking, he did not wish but made a decision and took actions accordingly to fulfill his dreams, he didn’t give up unless and until he didn’t achieve his goals, he faced every struggle and difficulties with a lot of courage and strength.


Narayana murthy  was born in Sidlaghatta, Kolar district in Mysore,  he belonged to a poor family, his father was a school teacher and Narayana was a good student, since start he had an interest doing engineering from indian institute of technology, he cleared entrance exams in his first attempt with good marks. Later after his completion of engineering, he started working in Indian institute of management in Ahmedabad as a chief system programmer, Around 70s he started his First own Entrepreneurial venture Named Softronics, It was a software consulting firm. The company was not able to survive in the market and had to shut down within an year, because of this disastrous situation Narayana was left with no option and he had to take a job. So he joined an IT firm named Patni Computer systems in Pune. While working at Patni, Narayana mind was still in his passion which was into entrepreneurship, he knew that he belongs to entrepreneurship he had a strong will it is meant to be, he was very much passionate about creating his own good quality software but the very big problem he was facing was the capital. Narayana one day met his 6 engineering friends in his apartment to discuss creating a company to write software codes. After that discussion, Narayana again took a step towards his dream by making a decision to leave his settled job from Patni and to start working towards his dream project. Hence to fulfill his dream he has taken action accordingly.His passion didn’t allow him to give up.

Formed Infosys

After a lot of hard work and efforts and after a lot of aggressive preparation INFOSYS was registered on 2nd July 1981, it was earlier known as Infosys Consultants Private limited. The company was co-founded by Narayana and 6 other friends Nandan Nilekani, N.S Raghavan, S.Gopalakrishnan, S.D. Shibulal, K. Dinesh and Ashok Arora.

All cofounders of Infosys together moved to Pune and bought a small apartment on loan, Narayana house was used as an office, all 6 co-founders used to operate from there, and Sudha (Narayana Murthy’s wife)  was their clerk-cum-cook-cum-programmer and she also started working outside to maintain household expenses. Later Infosys shifted To Bangalore when it got his first client From US, But only Narayana moved to Bangalore without his family after some time other members also moved to Bangalore with his families and soon work again started with full energy and force. Initial years were clearly not smooth, Narayana and his team struggled a lot, even trying hard for 8 years to bring up the company they were still lacking behind and haven’t reached anywhere and their friends who studied with them in the same institute were quite settled, Narayana and his team and their families made many sacrifices and struggled a lot.


In the 80s when Infosys got into a joint venture, but after some time that joint venture got collapsed that too within a less time, this left a huge dent in the company. The company was on the verge to collapse, situation was very worst, even Narayana’s team member or partner sold his share and moved out of that partnership, No one had an idea about what they can do to handle the situation,  no one knew what they can do to move ahead but it was only Narayana confidence and courage which helped them out. He told everyone and his partners that if they wanted to move out they can and he will buy their shares but he will not shut down his company and make it work, this confidence made every partner stay and eventually They moved out of that difficult time and managed their company very nicely.Since then the company has made sure to never have to look back.


His life story teaches us, not to give up and to have a self-belief that yes you can dream big and you have the capability to achieve it, you don’t need to wish you just need to decide and need to take actions for it, and your determination burning desire and hard work will eventually pay back. Always have a burning desire and never let go your dreams. When you can dream means you can achieve it too while struggling you must be optimistic and should have that courage to face all struggles and difficulties peacefully and calmly.

While giving a lecture in New York University Narayana Murthy said based on my life experience, I can assert that it is this belief in learning from experience, a growth mindset, the power of chance events and self-reflection that have helped me grow to the present.

By- Preksha Sharma ( Intern at Xpert-Learn from the best for free)

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