Motivating ways to Success from my Inspiration!

Story of the Second Youngest Billionaire Ritesh Aggarwal, young Entrepreneur with the longest chain of Hotels is Truly Inspiration for Everyone.

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Have you ever thoght what you need to Success ?

To achieve big start from small

Ritesh Aggarwal, CEO & FounderOYO

Is it the family background that matters or the quality education is the barrier to become a Successful person !

But Today I am gonna share my Inspiration The Story of Second Youngest Billionaire, Ritesh Aggarwal, Founder & CEO of OYO Rooms, the largest hotel network with over 100,000 rooms in over 300 cities across India. Having taken the entrepreneurial plunge when he was still in his teens, Ritesh Agarwal is one of the youngest billionaires in World.

Story of Ritesh AggarwalRitesh Aggarwal
The key Inspirational ways of his success

  • Started at an Early Age

    Ritesh was born in 1993. And he was inyterested in learning technologies from his childhood and he started coding at just the age of 8 and gradually fell in love with coding & Programming, and he decided to do it for living. He used to learn coding from Google also but later moved to Kota to learn coding & when bored from this he moved to Delhi where he used to attend events and conferences to meet The Entrepreneurs. And then he started exploring his entrepreneurial world on his own.

  • Acquiring Skills is important rather than Degree

    Ritesh completed his schooling from  Sacred Heart School, Rayagada. Preparing for IIT and then in 2011 he enrolled in The University of London’s International Programme provided by the Indian School of Business and Finance, Delhi, and left it in just 3-4 days, because of his dream of being an Entrepreneur, he said“I was sure of my career path since I was young, I only wanted to become an entrepreneur.” He started his Entrepreneur career with  big achievement in Peter Thiel Foundation where he won an award of 100000$ in Thiel Fellowshp Program.

 He is the first Asian to become the winner of Thiel Fellowship.

He is also the Co-founder of PayPal  & also an outside investor in Facebook.

  • Background is Never a Barrier between success and you !

    Ritesh Aggarwal is from a Marwari business family & belong to Bissamcuttack, a small town south of Odisha, a region known to teem with Naxalite activity. He was a SIM card seller during his early years in career.His Dream was to establish a hospitality business which he successfully accomplished and now he is from one of the youngest Entrepreneurs and Business-men of india.

  • Never Give-Up

    The Success of Ritesh Aggarwal, CEO & Founder of OYO Rooms is a combination of hardwork, patience, perseverance, determination, and desire to create something big. His approach of doing a task without giving-up at any cost is the most important Key behind his success.

  • Lead from the Front

    “BE the Change You Want To SEE” ,He follows this principal and always leaded his team from the front and always ready with PLAN B in difficult siutations too which is such a important step to be successful. 

And also now in this pandemic situation where every Organization is facing crisis, he announced to forego his annual salary and asked the executive leadership team to take voluntary salary cuts.

He also mentioned that OYO employees have stood united to fight this situation and serving society at its best.

  His life is always an inspiration for everyone.

Some Famous Inspirational Quotes By Ritesh Aggarwal

Ritesh' Quotes Ritesh's Quotes  Ritesh's Quotes

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