The Inspiring Story of Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev


No matter how many times you’ve been told, “Don’t get angry,” you will get angry in certain situations. No matter how hard you try, you will never have absolute control over the external world.

You can have total control, however, over the internal situation. Emotional states from the lowest to the highest —are merely expressions of the same energy. Now, if you feel you cannot exist without anger, it is probably because your anger is the most intense situation you have experienced in your life. That’s why some experienced power in negative situations.


On the other hand, if you transform your energy positively, it naturally becomes compassion and love. And slowly, you reach the pinnacle of self-awareness, experiencing a unity with all life. Once you experientially are a part of everything then nobody needs to teach you morality. Then you can do something to improve the situation, but without anger.


The entire process of yoga is based on this. Even if you are put into the most extreme situation, your energies will remain very calm. How you respond will depend on the situation you are in, who you are, what your capabilities are, and that means you have.


When you act out of unity with all life, you act without identity. Yoga means to cultivate your energy in such a way that gradually it breaks the physical limitations and elevates you to the highest level of awareness, the flowering of human potential.


DISCLAIMER: Views expressed above are the author’s own.

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  1. You’ve expressed your own views about Sadhguru’s teachings. But as it is the story of Sadhguru himself, I expected more and more informations about him here. Anyways, you have expressed your own opinion about spirituality and self control in an attractive way. Thanks for the post.

  2. A great insight into spirituality. Well, it was a great work. However, it would have been better if a little information about Sadhguru Vasudev was provided in the introduction paragraph. It would have helped to establish a better connect with the readers. An image of Sadhguru would have enhanced the visual appeal of the work. These are just minor suggestions for your improvement. Rest of the things are fine. You have done a great job.

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