Leadership Lessons from Mahendra Singh Dhoni…

Becoming a leader isn't easy and it takes many things to become one Great Leader where the whole world admires.


There are many leadership styles exhibited by different people in various fields of professions. But there is a Unique Leadership style which encompasses all leadership styles in Mahendra Singh Dhoni. A most loved and adored Cricketer among the cricket fan base and many followers and who is well known as #Mahi #Dhoni!

There are many lessons to be learnt from an inspiring person like Mahendra Singh Dhoni. Few of the lessons and learnings are:

 #Staying Calm!

Being called ‘Captain Cool’ isn't a joke! He diligently made rational decisions even when succumbed to pressure. During tough times he depicted the quality of being calm and restored faith from his team and managed the situation well. It's important for a leader to remain calm in most tough times and keep cool to get results on the table.

 #Dealing with Failure!

It is easy to deal with success and it's also equally important to handle failure in life. Dhoni also had failures in life but he handled it well and brought back fame and glory to the cricket world with his dedication and determination.  Dhoni fought back simply by playing well. He explained in his BCCI.TV interview;
“The 2011 World Cup: This had a different challenge. Those 15 players who formed the squad not only had to play their best cricket for that period but also be in a really good mental state. They needed to stay calm amid all the pressures and constantly concentrate on the areas they needed to improve on, despite all that was going on around them. Fitness again was very important and difficult to maintain given the amount of cricket we play.”

 #Be The Frontman!

Many leadership lessons say that a great leader always leads the team, & stays with the team. Dhoni time and again proved this by single-handedly winning matches fro India. He takes correct decisions at the correct time and ensures victory.

#Being A Team Player!

As a famous quote goes, "A leader is as much as part of the team as the rest of the members". Dhoni always helped & supported his team at all times with complete trust and confidence. He also took a stand and stood up for them when things went topsy turvy. The confidence that he instilled among his fellow team paid off well in delivering the best at the correct time. 

MS Dhoni is the epitome of above-mentioned virtues and leadership qualities. India will surely miss watching Dhoni lead and play in matches to get another victory. 

Dhoni is a leader with passion and has proved it time and again that passion can be made successful if given a chance to grow, explore and get the correct guidance to follow one's passion. If you are someone with a similar passion, it is essential to connect, grow and learn from the best of experts in your chosen field of passion. There are many platforms, for example, XPERT, can lead you straight to some of the top experts from various industries who are having decades of expertise and are willing to help aspiring & passionate people. Make the best use of it! 

#Growwithpassion #liveforpassion #dreambig #aimhigh

Do share with us some of your most profound lessons from Mahi or memories of watching cricket!!!

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