King Khan – The Biggest Super Star in the World.

Shah Rukh Khan - The man of masses, The epitome of Love, The Synonym for Stardom, King of Bollywood, The Goliath of Indian Cinema, The Global Superstar.


Once upon a time, one guy who’s got nothing but a pair of clothes and some chunk of money stood on the bench in front of The Arabian Sea and announced to the world – I am the King of Bollywood. 

28 years later, that same guy is now renowned as “The Shah Rukh Khan” “The Baadshah” “King Khan.”

What made him think that he’s a King of Bollywood before 28 years from today.

Ans – Confidence, Enthusiasm, Dedication, Bravery & God.

If you google Who’s the biggest star in the world it says –

Google search results for the World’s Biggest Movie star

With a Networth of 600 million dollars, Shah Rukh Khan is also the World’s richest Actor suppressing all Hollywood SuperStars by staying in the top 25 for consecutive years. More than 4.5 billion people in the world recognise Shah Rukh Khan which undoubtedly crowned him as the World’s Biggest Super Star.

SRK about Money

Shah Rukh Khan is an embodiment of Confidence, Faith and Hope which reinforces your fantasy into reality.

I’m not here to compete, I’m here to conquer – Shah Rukh Khan

A guy from the indigenous lands of Delhi, with a pocket full of dreams, arrived in Mumbai with nothing but Faith has now overtaken the Biggest Industry in the World just by his Hard work & Dedication. SRK is a living example of everything you need in your life to prevail over your problems.

Being a South Indian, the only thing I knew about Bollywood is Shah Rukh Khan when I was a kid. Not only in the southern regions of India but many studies/surveys proved that Most of the people all around the world apart from India recognise Bollywood through Shah Rukh Khan.

I wanted to be a filmmaker one day, and Shah Rukh Khan is the serves as the intelligible reason behind it.  The urge elicited in my soul when I heard the Journey of a guy who became Shah Rukh Khan today.

Shah Rukh Khan serves as a quintessential Human Being in every middle-class family hearts with dreams of achieving something big. Because Shah Rukh Khan did it.

Despite all nepotism and political strategies, SRK still made it up to the top with zero controversies or negativity making him one of the finest actors ever in World Cinema.

As an aspiring filmmaker & Cinephile, the Life of Shah Rukh Khan serves as a guide to me where I can regain my faith and hope for the bigger days.

My mother always used to say: Don’t take movies seriously! they are made just for entertainment but take the journey of Actors like Shah Rukh Khan seriously. It’s made of extreme Hard work and Dedication.

Shah Rukh Khan is not just an actor rather he’s an inspiration for generations.

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SRK Xpert profile

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  1. One of the most honest news/ post posted in recent times. Kudos bala ganesh SRK is indeed the biggest and greatest

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