“Journey is much better than Destination”

You will love the life when you started enjoying your life's journey. Don't run to reach the place where you want to be, give it time and cherish the journey !

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The destination is the end, otherwise the journey is endless.

It is said that when life is about to say goodbye, in the last few moments, they put parts of our life, experiences, memories and memories in front of us in pieces. okay, so It is a matter of our dying life… But does it ever happen again? Probably yes, if you are an engineer then you will understand it better, and our an incredible actor shushant singh rajput enjoyed journey of engineering as well but not completed (which really don’t matters if your aim is to enjoy moments) so let’s start….

On the first night at the hostel, when we were all in fear of ragging, we met our own companions,classmates, batchmates, roomates, then we talked a few things, everyone started with their introduction. Likewise this night passed, now it was the turn of the first day of our college, in which everyone knows very well what happens. 

In the first few days like this, we remembered our house very much and this journey of four years was looking so long and difficult. Then I do not know when we got connected with each other and Our first year was spent with many exams and happy moments which we had spent together.

It is true that time does not take time to pass and our second year has started – in which our old and some new ones also moved along! Now we were new seniors, but at the same time the emphasis of third year was very much on all of us, so this year was a little settled, but we played a lot of friendship in it as if we have understood friendship and the means of living. Friendship has been made, and then this hostel gradually became our small house.

Third year came at a rapid pace. Where the freshers used to prepare for home soon on every holiday, in same place there was no hurry among us because somewhere we have attached with each other like family. we started being happy. Every moment we now spent, we started cherishing them as a memory. 

There was a fear of the passing of time, which was realized when once we were sitting in the night with some friends and talking and having some fun that we heard a voice that said – “Dude! You will miss this very much” again. We all got scared. This year was also over in handling such memories. In the conduct of time, we can only stop doing anything.
Well! As many memories were added, and the fourth year was seen.

The burden on everyone increased so much that our meeting, talking, everything was reduced.

 There was a feeling as if everyone started fighting for their own life. All the memories started getting blurred when we started running in the competition grounds. Then finally one day came that shook everyone. 

The day was such that all the exams of our eighth semester had ended and everyone had come for the last practical. Due to not sleeping properly during the examinations, everyone first thought to complete the sleep. On the same night, a notice was placed on the notice board of the hostel, in which it was the last day in our last hostel.

I collapsed, scattered, sat like a corner, slowly everyone came to know about the news. Everyone had a party that day and the whole night just to meet each other. Everyone met, said to each other “See you again”, but still there was a different peace in so much noise.

 On that day, everyone knew somewhere that it was difficult to meet now, no one knows where the news is, the mind engulfed in such complications once again began to recall the memories of years, seeing this journey of four years four The moment came in front of me, and none of us had less happiness on the floor but more sorrow of separation. This day i realised that at the end the only thing matters is happiness we had together not the marksheets we collected in this journey.

The last message i gave to my companions and my college which was ” dear college, may be you were not my destination, you were not my that goal for which I was craving, you were not my that dream, which I promised to complete from myself !
And my college may you have many deaths but you are imperfectly perfect .

 I do accept or not but you became the part of my journey, you have became the milestone of my life. If I try to forget you, iwill be not able.

Well , just I want to let you know as time is inching towards leaving you, I started realising you, more than you, the memories, moments you have given me.

 The journey to get to this destination was such a beautiful feeling when we got away from college and hostels. 

 Perhaps that is why the journey is much better than the destination.

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