Jeff Bezos and his astronautical quest

We grow up and forget about the things we thought of doing as a child. They might seem heroic then but as time passes away they stop making sense.


Ever since I was a kid, I always thought of taking human civilization outside this planet, somewhere in a habitable planet where mankind can coexist with other elements of nature just like it has been doing for so many years in this planet. Well, we grow up and forget about the heroic things we thought of doing as a child. They might seem possible then but as time passes away they stop making sense.

I have been following Mr Jeff Bezos for quite some time. Its not simply because we are attracted towards rich and successful people. It is also because what I always thought of accomplishing as a child is something he aims for even now. We all know Jeff Bezos for Amazon, a site where you get everything just at a few clicks. But, a very few people know that Bezos is fascinated by space technologies. "We humans have to go to space if we are going to continue to have a thriving civilization" he said in an interview. I was reading this last month and I was strikes by the fact that what I dreamt as a child is not something which can never be achieved. This made me have a personal connection with him. 

As a matter of fact, he has a space tech company, Blue Origin rocket venture. He strongly believes in the theory that humanity can progress only when we take into account personal visions and big risks. With Blue Origin, he is striving to make a technology that will send simple things to make complex things into space and then send them back to wrath. In this way, we will make sure that Earth is rendered as a residential planet as, he further adds that there is really no way to escape Earth. It is the most unique planet. We have sent different robotic probes to different planet. From this, one thing is sure, Earth is the most unique planet. There is hardly a substitute for this. 

This vision of Jeff makes me proud of him and myself. This restores my faith in dreams. The day we stop dreaming, we stop living. All we are left with is monotonicity. There is no joy in living such a life. Joy is in pursuing our dreams, making them happen. Jeff agrees that it is not a one day or one year process. It will take many generations and hundreds of years to transform this into a reality. But, he is optimistic about it. He knows that with Blue Origin he will make it happen. He believes that people will be able to live in space if they want to. He knows change is the mandatory rule of life and he simply believes that one day people will live on Earth and off Earth. 

This vision of Bezos is something I relate to with personally. Also, I celebrate the fact that dreams have power. Here is to the ones who dream and strive to make it a reality. He once said 

If you have a vision that everyone agrees with, you probably shouldn't do it because someone else will do it first.

Click here to know more about him: Jeff Bezos 

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