J. K. Rowling An Inspiration

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Since my early childhood, I was a very active child. My interests were evolving and peaking where it concerned stuff more than just drawing and coloring mountains with a peaking sun and watching animated cartoons. Guilty as charged, I was into Barbie movies and I watched many of them. But then on my 4th birthday my father gifted me a CD including three movies. The title on the cardboard box was bold and black- ‘HARRY POTTER’.
To say those three movies had me in it’s grip would be an utter understatement. In those days it was just about watching movies but then I learned that they were in fact based on a series of novels. By the infamous English author,  J. K. Rowling. Harry Potter and the philosopher’s stone (now Harry Potter and the sorcerer’s stone) was a book that moved me. The visual of the movie was definitely fascinating but the experience I felt while reading and imagining stuff was scrumptiously inviting. It got me hooked to books. Literally. In a way Joe Kathleen Rowling did have a serious impact on me in my life. She is the reason I started believing in words. Fiction has since become an escape for me, a rather cheap one I would say. The way the author has described a whole new world gave many a scope for imagination. It made me reckon that I could imagine. And according to me imagination is certainly someone’s most intriguing power. The lady has devoted her life to this very book, she has conjured a very unbelievable yet so imaginable life in front of us, or in our heads. I as a person who is interested in writing could never think of something so bizarre and wonderful. The spells, the charms, the characters- each are very special in their own way. Even after reading innumerable books I can conclude that no book will ever fascinate me as much as the Harry Potter series did. And still do.
Each movie and story has a different purpose and a story skeleton that almost had it’s every reader glued to the book. I was one of them. I have learned so much from this series. There’s respect, loyalty, love, hidden secrets , teaching about one’s ability to act upon decisions and situations, faith and most of all, ‘friendship’. Ronald Weasly being the best friend became our hero those every moment when he stood up for Harry when no one else did. Hermoine became our beloved witch even before Dumbledore declared her one, when she encouraged Harry to fight for the stone, when she was the smartest one and her mind waved between books. Harry, was always our hero but he won our hearts when he chose to die for everyone else. The other characters were as beguiling. Luna being the crazy one who understood Harry in some ways no one else did. Ginny ran in the fire and fought Bellatrix for Harry. The Weasley’s were always there and honestly, they were one of the most wonderful thing in the whole series. Neville though, the boy so hiddenly brave swooshed the Gryffindor’s sword and killed the last most powerful horcrux- Nagini. Ah! Tell me some story as amazing as these, I’d run and buy it and jump to my reading nook within minutes.
Alas, cheers to J.K. Rowling and Harry Potter for making our lives adventurous while sitting in one place.
Now I will just lock myself away. Nice meeting y’all.

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