It Is Better To Be Good In The Eyes Of Oneself Than To Be Good In The Eyes Of Others -B.K Shivani

She is the real lady influencer in my life, who probably convinced me to connect with the truth of life that we tend to escape in our everyday life-Thoughts.

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We all have an emotional instinct within us and connect with them as moments in life. Something very basic as starting a day has also a lot to with the kind of emotions and thoughts we carry with ourselves for the day. Earlier, my mornings would start with heartfelt thoughts and baggage of emotions. I used to get the adrenaline rush of emotions based on the thoughts I had in my mind. If things would be in my favour, I woke up happy and excited feeling peaceful about my happening life. The day of any unpleasant event, it would contribute to a sad morning the next day surrounded with thoughts of self-doubt, unhappiness, bad destiny or had all the reasons to blame destiny, karma and all other things. 

I often asked myself, "What circumstances do you expect to really shout out loud and say I am having the best life?"

With even one positive thought, I felt like I owe to this world. But one single thought of negativity caused the biggest setback to me. It is not easy to really realise this but one does lose a big part of oneself wrapped with self-doubt.

It is well said "It takes a minute to think but affect you for life, so choose wisely of what thought you want to inculcate within you"

The chain of unwanted thoughts killed my inner instinct every day. But better late than never, I realised the need for a space to flush it all and drive the purpose of your life with some positive instincts. I was soon introduced to the calm to my storm. One positive vibe to kill the negative instincts all in one way.

Sister Shivani is the gem, the real influencer of my life. The simplicity of her thoughts, the way she carries herself and the way she stimulates a positive vibe is something that brings a lot of learning. She is the lady whose words of inspiration, motivation helped me to have more valuable thoughts and overcome negative dark thoughts.

Her way of inducing real-life experiences. brings great learning for all her admirers.
Her speech is a blend of how thoughts affect us in our everyday surrounding and life. It is all that connection that hits your right in your heart and mind right away. A simple thought can give you a life-changing experience.

From being a person who always carried a thought "Hah, there is nothing much special in life. I feel stuck", to saying "Life is all that you make out of it and it starts with one seed of good thought for yourself ".

If little did you know about Sister Shivani, I take this opportunity to introduce you to her. She is one of the most popular and globally renowned spiritual guide and mentor who shares her enlightenment with people from around the world through her motivational speech and sessions. She is a teacher at Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University, known as Sister Shivani or BK Shivani.

I cannot contain my excitement to share this opportunity that Xpert TV brings for you to connect with her by enrolling yourself into her classroom for free.

 Enrol today to reserve your seat and enlighten yourself with her divine thoughts. 

Take a moment to Download our Xpert TV app today, and get access to more of free learning. 

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