India’s Culinary Scene According to Vicky Ratnani


An avid traveller who loves to explore local markets and try out every new cuisine he can, Vicky Ratnani is truly a chef who brought India into the culinary spotlight. The jovial, witty chef, who worked for almost two decades at sea, has a wealth of culinary experiences to his credit. Returning to his native India, he is now giving his own twist on popular Indian and foreign dishes, and inventing yet many more.

Indian cuisine is now one of the most popular cuisines around the world. In a globalised world where more and more urban Indians are travelling abroad and getting exposed to different cultures, people and experiences, the exchange of culinary culture is all the more phenomenal as more people get out of their comfort zones and experiment with new and untried dishes from cuisines around the world.

The 2015 Indian Chef of the Year winning chef, who runs The Korner House in Mumbai, says “I’m fed up of the local food scene. Everyone is just copying everyone else, and there is no originality left…. We really care about getting it right, and The Korner House is our attempt to make that happen.”  Vicky Ratnani pioneered the concept of molecular gastronomy in India, and though he feels the concept has been overdone, he is still optimistic. He says the culinary scene is strong in Mumbai, and that everything is not just limited to fine dining. Mumbai, in his opinion, exemplifies the food culture that is India, from vada pav to upscale fancy restaurants.

“Our food culture is constantly evolving”, says Vicky, “and people are more open to new cuisines.” Even though Indians have a preference for spicy food, other flavours and more subtle cuisines, like Japanese, are gaining popularity in India. He feels that though Mumbai is the trendsetter when it comes to what happens in the country, other cities like Delhi and Bangalore have a thriving, progressive food scene. He is also proud of the fact that a lot of people are trying to bring back forgotten Indian dishes to the table, and appreciates how the way food is served is becoming more quirky and relaxed. Casual chic dining is the future, he adds.

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