How Xpert helped me to connect with my idol Jaggi Vasudev (popularly know as Sadhguru).

A dilemma about life and the story of how Xpert platform led to a divine realization by connecting me with my spiritual guru, Sadhguru.

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My ideas drive me towards my idols, my lofty dreams, for their propitious execution, is what binds my heart and mind, to simultaneously work in unity, this unity although has bought me success only handful amount of times, but my mind yearns for more, even after a great achievement be it an academic goal or ticking off items from my bucket list or expecting something out of relationships, all of which chiefly deluge with failure. A constant feeling of extreme rapaciousness and living life happily at the same time is still a dream for many, if not, at least for me. Now I might not be having some greatly debilitating scenarios in my life, but constant contemplation of future goals is what puts my mind in a psychological quagmire of “success” accompanied by conundrums about “happiness and life”. I was looking up for the right person who can actually answer my question unambiguously, who can actually understand the “inner engineering”.

The one person that I could only look upon was none other than Jaggi guru or publicly known “Sadhguru”. His outlook towards life or death, success or failure, happiness or somberness is what made him the perfect candidate to resolve my mental conflicts, the conflicts which were hidden behind a regular human life.

Sadhguru: My spiritual mentor.Sadhguru: My spiritual mentor

My internship at Xpert is what made it possible for me to actually connect with him virtually, share my unresolved conflicts with him, and at the same time bring clarity in the life of anyone who was actually probing for the same. I have tried several times to visit Sadhguru’s discussion seminars but every-time something or other has always been an encumbrance.

The Xpert platform has not only taught me some good skills but has also given me a great chance to connect with my spiritual mentor. I have asked Sadhguru a question on his profile on the Xpert account, a question compiling all my thoughts, all my psychological and philosophical dilemmas, I asked him “ What weighs more A LIFE RIFE WITH ACCOMPLISHMENTS or DEATH BESPECKLED WITH MEMORIES ?”

Life vs DeathIn the game of Life and Death don’t forget to live.

A few days after he actually responded to my query, the doubt on the spirituality and the journey of life that always made me apprehensive at some walks of life was just satiated with his clarity towards life, his response gave a vivid picture of what life actually is, this made me think clearly, put my head up straight and abet with my thoughts was a refined spiritual persona of mine.

The interface and an opportunity that Xpert provided me by connecting with my idol was a life-changing leap for my cognition, for which I will always be indebted to the entire team of Xpert.


(By Dhyey Rajani)


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