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Standing at a crossroads not knowing which direction to take? Well, Xpert is the perfect fit for you!

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It is the same with all engineers. They got into engineering because of pressure from above, below, east, south, within, or even the atmosphere (Pa = 101325 N/m²). Or because they don’t know what to do after high school. An engineering student in India with a genuine interest in the subject is a rare sighting, much like the endangered Olive Ridley turtle or the one-horned rhinoceros.

But do I regret my decision to get into engineering? Absolutely not. Why? The reason is that engineering colleges in India have turned into institutions where you can discover your passion. We, or I (if you can’t relate to what follows) do not sit in lectures all-day and solve complicated numerical problems from mechanics or thermodynamics. Engineering is much more than that. There are tons of clubs, societies, sports and events you can get into, and some even make a career shift courtesy these activities.

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Then what is the issue that could arise from all this? Lack of clarity. Once I started getting involved in all this, almost everything seemed appealing. It was very difficult to zero down on one particular passion and pursue it with utmost sincerity. And passion here isn’t only restricted to soft skills and art forms. It includes management, marketing, public relations, graphic design, and I could fill pages if I go on. Those interested in technical domains obviously find the likes of coding, WedDev, robotics, etc. to be their calling.

At such critical junctures with so many options and not knowing exactly what the future holds, it is only fit that you would want to seek advice from top experts who have “been there, done that”, i.e, traversed the same path, each with their own life stories and experiences to help you out. 

Confused? Require clarity? Want to connect with top industry experts and your favourite celebrities? Have a lot of unanswered questions? Want the ability to clarify your doubts from an expert of your choice? Do what I did. Download Xpert – Learn from the best for FREE, the world’s first social learning app on a mission of making experts accessible, with answers to all your questions across 105+ professions and much more!

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