How Vijay Shekhar Sharma Started PAYTM

The story of a person who had brought the revolution in the way currency has been exchanged.


Vijay Shekhar Sharma

We all are well versed with the fact that PAYTM has made our daily life transaction much easier than before, Specially the risk of carrying cash all time and ( chhute ki jhik jhik se chhutti karo PAYTM karo ) problem of "keep the change" when can't find it.

By the way, do you know there is a full form of PAYTM ( I wasn't knowing so I assumed the rest might also not knowing) – If yes well and good if not then it is PAY THROUGH MOBILE.

Well, Here is our Billionaire boy's journey start –

BIRTH – He was born in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh on 8th July 1973 (lucky to have this genius in our INDIA) His father was a teacher and a very strict very disciplined person.

SCHOOL LIFE –  Vijay was very studious. First Bencher in school. He was so intelligent that he had completed his studies at the age of 14 years only. His medium was HINDI. He was also an introvert child (but not now) Everything was good in school. Going perfectly fine.

But now comes the time when he was going out of his hometown, Going to see the real world.

COLLEGE LIFE – His college life started at the age of 15 years. He got admission to Delhi College of Engineering in Electronics and communication engineering.  Now he had to face so much of the problem because of his medium. As he had studied in Hindi he wasn't able to understand what was getting taught in college. Sometimes he felt humiliated when the professor asks him any question. However, he decided not to attend class and he spent most of his time in the library by the time he was learning coding in the college computer lab.

FIRST WEBSITE – He launched his first website in college with his friends – XS COMMUNICATION. After two years it has been sold to an American company.

SECOND WEBSITE – He then started another company named – ONE97 it was a content management system. He also took loans from banks at a very high-interest rate (24-26%). At this point in time, he was in problem because this business wasn't generating enough money whatever was coming, All were given in interest and salary. However, he managed to didn't let the company close. 


He noticed everything was getting digital and there is an opportunity there.


PAYTM LAUNCHED – He launched PAYTM in Noida in August 2010. His business took boom when demonetization has happened, Everybody was running out of cash. So people now choose to be cashless and Paytm was the major player in the market. Paytm was also supported by Prime Minister as an alternative to cash. Paytm is now a billion-dollar company and he is going to launch his IPO in 2022. Vijay also got funds from JACK MA, Warren Buffet company Berkshire Hathway and many more.

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