How to Choose A Right Badminton Racket?

Rackets are as individual as the player. A racket that feels the best to one player may not feel the same to a different player.


Rackets are as individual as the player. A racket that feels the best to one player may not feel the same to a different player. When choosing the right racket for yourself, you should consider two things, your – 

Playing ability – beginner, intermediate, advanced, tournament-level player, &

Playing style – power, defensive, all-around game

After considering these, your racket selection should be based on the following parameters- 

Weight of the Racket

It is one of the most important factors to consider when it comes to choosing a perfect racket for yourself. There is three range of rackets weights available, lightweight, mid-range, and heavy. Light-weight rackets are suitable for those who like speed gameplay, counterattacking. Where mid-range weight rackets are the most popular segment of racket and are preferable for attacking gameplay. And, those who like power-hitting, heavy rackets are the best options of all time.

Balancing Factor

There are three categories of badminton rackets depending on balancing factor head heavy balance, head light balance, and even balance racket. 

On head heavy balance racket, the balance of the racket stays towards the head of the racket. This type of racket is preferable for those who like power hitting and smashing more.

Players who like fast-hitting, and speed on the game, head light balance model is a perfect choice for them. However, as this has less weight on the head, the players who like power-hitting may not want to pick this type of racket.

Even balance one is an ideal choice for beginners and intermediate players.  This type of racket gives the most stability, and suitable for playing a wide range of different shots.

String Tension

The string tension of badminton racket can be tested by pressing your palm against the net of the racket and see how far it sinks. For most players, the ideal tension is when the depth of the string sings up to 1mm.  However, players who channel more force into their strokes, prefer a higher tension for their racket strings. 

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  1. I was very good to know that you have done research on badminton , But this is also available on youtube, so why did you select this topic only

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