How Robin Sharma Inspired Me To Work Hard For My Dreams


There is a small period of time in a person's life between when school ends and college or whatever else is next for them begins. This period of time is relaxing, exciting, full of possibilities, but most of all, confusing. I experienced an existential crisis when this period of time came into my life last year. I was confused and sad. I feared the future.

I stumbled upon Robin Sharma's videos on Youtube. I knew who he was as I had read The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari years ago, perhaps at too young an age to fully understand it. Robin Sharma is a writer and leadership expert. He is a motivational and personal development speaker. His books are international bestsellers. He was a lawyer until the age of 25. He quit his job and self-published a book titled MegaLiving in 1994. His second book The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari was also self-published and then later picked up by HarperCollins. The book and the following series have become widely famous and at the top of self-help book lists. He is the founder of the training company Sharma Leadership International.

In one of his videos, Robin Sharma asks "Are you too busy being busy?". We live our lives on autopilot. People are so distracted that they just trudge through life without meaning or purpose. When I discovered the writer's videos and books, I badly wanted to find the purpose of my life. I realized that I was the hurdle in my own success. I was afraid to follow my dreams. Sharma says that society makes us believe that our ambitions are too big and our abilities too small. We are programmed in a way to doubt ourselves. We follow the herd because we want to fit in with the crowd. We are too scared to follow the path we are meant to be on.

My life didn't change, but my mindset did. Slowly, I built up my confidence. I started believing in myself. Every day, I took a small step towards achieving my dreams. Through his work and through his life, the author taught me that success is not an overnight thing. It is a journey towards self-awareness. We need to take time to figure out ourselves and what we want our lives to be like. We need to set goals and work hard to make our dreams come true.

Robin Sharma's work and his story remind me that I hold my destiny in my hands. I can be whoever I want to be and achieve whatever I want. All we need is a nudge in the right direction and then we can all create our own beautiful stories.

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