How Ms Dhoni Inspired Me and Millions of Youths in India

Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Captian Cool has inspired millions of Youths in India, in fact outside India also. Let's look at how does he inspires everybody.


Mahendra Singh Dhoni or Captian Cool has inspired millions of Youths in India, in fact outside India also. For a region that's typically perceived as ‘backward’ in terms of cricketing talent, East zone has produced one of the legends of cricket. 

Qualities Of MSD

  1. Giving respect to everyone. No matter who the person are you talking to you need to give respect to him/her.Respect
  2. Encouraging team members in case they are going through a bad phase in their career. MS Dhoni has backed many players in the past that are now leading team India.Dhoni encouraging Hardik
  3. Keeping calm while things are not going your way. The situation in 2007 T20 WorldCup Final was the first instance when all viewed the calmness of Dhoni.Keeping Calm
  4. Taking calculated risks to succeed. Again in 2007 T20 WorldCup, we saw risk-taker dhoni, when he gave the last over to Joginder Sharma.Taking Calculated Risk
  5. Sharing credits with team members as they were the most integral part of success. Dhoni always stands in the corner while taking grou[p photo after series win.Dhoni standing in corner

How Dhoni Inspires Youth and what he teaches us?

As we know the story of MS Dhoni, how many challenges he faced before tasting the success. Every inspiring story is the same, you need to tackle all your obstacles to gain success. 

  1. Dhoni is from a small village. But he was determined about playing cricket and he succeeded. One must focus on their goals and move step by step to taste success. I am personally in the field of Digital Marketing where the competition is very high but I don't worry about it, as it is my passion and I need to focus on my goals only.
  2. As we know that Dhoni was a Ticket Collector, he taught us that no matter what the situation is you need to work harder and harder and one day you will succeed.
  3. He has also made mistakes in his cricketing career. He failed to deliver many times, but what he did is he rectify those errors, that allowed him to become a legend.
  4. When his daughter was born India was ready for Worldcup 2015. Sakshi Dhoni contacted Suresh Raina to send the message about the birth of Ziva, as Dhoni was not carrying a mobile phone. When asked by media whether he missed being in India during his daughter’s birth he replied, "Not really. As of now, I am on national duties so I think everything else can wait. The World Cup is a very important campaign.” This instance taught us that we need to serve our country first.
  5. Recently, he joined the army and performed duties of patrolling, guard and post duty with his 106 TA Battalion (Para) from 31 July to 15 August this year. By serving India Army he inspired lots of youths to join the Indian Army and protect the motherland.

How Dhoni Inspired Me?

I am in the Digital Marketing field that is very competitive in today's world. But I need to focus on my goals and what I need to achieve instead of focusing on competition. As I am from a backward class no one knows what is Digital Marketing, and many relatives told me to don't do the course and told me that it has no scope.
He inspired me to focus on my goals, work hard and follow my passion. More importantly, he taught me how to keep the mind cool and tackle difficult situations that occur in life.

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