How I Cope Up With My Anxiety

With global pandemic our lives have become monotonous, without any doubt and everyday news about new cases and number of deaths is obviously taking a toll on us.

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I myself have been an example of it. In the beginning of lockdown, things seemed fine and we all thought what a great aaamount of leisure time we have got. We spent our days laying on the bed, binging on new shows, eating a lot and like that only months passed…what to do? I asked myself. Life suddenly started to feel so empty, days felt longer and I had nothing new to do at that point of time. College was on hold, my final year exams were on hold and there was nothing i knew about my future. It was all uncertain and I was so depressed. I didnt feel like getting out of my bed all day long and at the start it was fine with my mother too because she knew how bad things were and how i needed to relax. So, like any other person who was stuck in between, I also spent my lockdown by binge watching ‘Friends’, ‘Brooklyn 99’, ‘ The Good Place’, etc. and thats how months passed away and i started to feel all the pressure and above all that ‘existential crisis’ because nothing is worse than that. New day came, i woke up, spent entire morning thinking what to do all day and thats how the day passed, with all the thinking and doing nothing. Feels like a dream to some teenagers who post stories on the instagram with all ” we wish we had free days”, ” want to die or spend days doing nothing”.                  

 While here is a reality check, from a very personal experience ”DOING NOTHING SERVES YOU NOTHING IN THE LONG RUN”. I realized this thing after a long period of lockdown and when i was trying to cope up with my anxiety. So, going to topic which is ” How I Cope Up With My Anxiety ”. When i spent my days in hopelessness and i had no will to get out of my bed, i realized one day i have to get myself through this day without any negavtive thoughts. And, do i did. One of my favourite things to do and i would love to say that as my ”Passion” is dancing. We all know hoe dancing liberates you and makes you happy. I hope you can relate, i mean we all dance at parties and weddings and how much enjoyment it gives us. I also use dance as a tool to overcome my anxiety. Everyday, i play a random song and move to its rhythm and the feeling i get after that is so peaceful and i always feel so much better, without any pressure and i feel so light. In this entire lockdown period and even after that, dance is the one thing that helps me cope up with my anxiety. Anxiety makes you lose your shit and it messes with your head and i personally feel the only way to cope with negavtive thoughts is to do something that makes you happy, even if that is for two minutes or longer than that. Now, the question comes and i have experienced that too, ” How to even get that will of doing something?” Because yes, you really dont get that kind of will because you start getting comfortable in you routine and bed even when you know thats wrong. So, here i would like to quote ‘Bojack Horseman’s” dialogue that ”IT WILL GET EASIER EVERYDAY”, and it does. All you have to do is to take the first step like i did  and i am not saying i cope up with my anxiety perfectly but i have started to handle it better than before and i believe that is what matters the most.

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