Here are some Qualities of the Best Storytellers which will help you become a good storyteller!

"Storytelling is about connecting to other people and helping people to see what you see." - Michael Margolis.


Storytellers help the listeners to open their minds to all the possibilities that life has. Here are some insights from me on “How to Become a Good Storyteller”. I have read several articles about storytelling and found that all of these great storytellers have some qualities in common. I have listed them below. (I personally love the way how Jay Shetty delivers his stories. I got inspired by him and wrote an articleCheck it out to see what I have gained from Jay’s stories.).

1. Storytellers listen and interact in an empowering way with their audience. They learn to adapt to their audience reactions.

2. Be generous and truthful.

3. Remember that storytellers are human beings too and they can feel vulnerable. Don’t forget that vulnerability is what truly resonates with your listeners.

4. Make sure your story has a point.

5. Freshness in storytelling is innate, it can’t be taught.

6. Be confident while telling the story.

7. Understand your audience and make sure they are following with clarity in order to make them feel it a shared experience.

8. Ask your audience to imagine and hit them on emotional points.

9. Never Rush!

10. Make sure your opening is with attention-grabbing points. Because that makes a huge difference for the listeners.

11. Don’t try to polish anything, just be yourself!

12. Tell everything: success, failure, happy, sad, flaws, embarrassing moments, Do not try to hide anything because there are what brings us together after all.

Here is a picture that I found on the internet, it involves the list of greatest storytellers of all times. Really informative. I was unable to find the original source for this image, please mention it in the comments if you know it or find it.

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  1. Hii I liked this article. Storytelling is important for marketer. Being a marketing student this article is very helpful for me. Thank you for choosing such intersting topic.

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