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Gaur Gopal Das completed his graduation in the year 1995 as an Electrical Engineer from The College of Engineering, Pune and worked in a very renowned company Hewlett Packard (HP).

An impressive career, right?  Many people out there hope to work for MNCs like HP. 
But in 1996, Gaur Gopal Das made his big switch, he decided to become a monk and joined the International Society for Krishna Consciousness (ISKCON).                                                           

Really? Why?  Here is the shocking yet inspiring reason he gave…….
"We are all here to make a difference in the lives of people. It is easy to make a buck but very hard to make a difference. But before fixing other people's lives, you have to fix your own life.
The biggest challenge was Am I Missing Out?  This challenge was taken care of by the satisfaction I got from the impact I made in other peoples lives."

 Advice from Gaur Gopal Das that changed my life

When a person says sorry when he is wrong, he is called Honest. 
When a person says sorry when he is not sure, he is called Wise. 
But when a person says sorry even when he is right, he is called Husband. 

Read the above lines again.
Did you laugh at the lines when you read it the second time? No, right!
If you don't laugh at the same joke again, why do you cry over the same problem again and again and again?


Do you have a problem in life? – No – Then Why Worry?
Do you have a problem in life? – Yes- Can you do something about it? – Yes – Then why worry? Do you have a problem in life? – Yes- Can you do something about it? – No – Then why worry? 

Keeping the picture of this chart in mind or in physical form in your life can help you find peace in your life. There will be a change in your state of mind. This way you will start searching for the solutions to problems instead of worrying about them.
Gaur Gopal Das has changed my life for better and can change yours too.
If one single piece of advice can cut down worries from my and million other people lives who follow him, then what magic Gaur Gopal Das's Life Amazing Secret can do to your life. 
Think about it !! 

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