From unfathomable to the core: An intransigent mindset to success.

As an innovator I want to amplify my idea upon taking up Mr.Deep Kalra as my startup mentor and to use his story as a paragon to set my frame of mind tosuccess.


“Failure”,I owe this word a lot in my life even more than “Victory”. The word itself is capable enough to break you at first and than make you, it again breaks you, it again compensates for it by making you , but this time it would mould you in a more disciplined and streamlined manner to fit through the bottleneck probabilities of you exigent goals and aspirations. I personally respect this word the most rather than castigating it and taking it as a presumptuous remark on my cerebration. I myself have failed several times in my academic life and gave upon my ideas, but the biggest thing that I regret are the situations that have made me several times doubt myself by looking down upon my ideas and potential to achieve them.The feeling of utter abjectness, made me question my willingness to go even a mile to make any decision into some tangible reality.                                                             

I, once actually mustered the courage to do something that can benefit, if researched upon, to a whole lot of masses. I have always been an ardent lover of Technology and the innovations within it that had an immense future potential of revolutionizing peoples life,one of which was Nanotechnology.In order to satiate my interminable apprehensions and questions I researched much on the topic and tried recently to publish a technical paper upon it. This has led me to a great idea to think upon a start-up that can impact a lot of people, and can truly change multiple facets of each and every industry associated with it.

To pursue my aspiration and to get a heuristic scenario of the challenges that are faced in actually establishing the market of my product, I looked upon numerous start-ups and found “” as one of my favourite start-up proposition, by Mr.Deep Kalra. Although our ideas were different , but his precarious journey was the one that I found quite connecting,as a result of which I perused quite a lot about it.

One thing that I learned from his journey was to never quit, for all I know was that he worked even without salary for one and a half year during the pervasive and dreadful Dotcom crash that took a toll of jobs in 2000,but the guy refused to give in, he just couldn’t bear cutting slack his company and staff for painful eighteen months of the company’s lifeline, but like after every twilight there is a dawn of hope and success.

After a few months Deep started hunting and taking up whichever oppotunities that can be obtained and soon started picking up pace in the Indian markets.The very first thing that I had understood was its not the situation but the determination that keeps the boulevard of the dreams intact amidst the storms of life.The one thing that I would like to confess is that, I might have given up on my goal in those tough times if I were there,but that was his eccentricity that made his way of working and planning quite conducive for my mind to truly develop a power of condescending faith over “Failure”.

Started at the height of Dotcom crash,here is Mr.Deep Kalra, with his company “” fathoming all the difficulties.

The second thing, that makes me fervently inspired is the environment and the risking aspects of sustainability under which Deep dared to start his company. As we all know that it was a period between 1995-2000 when he set out on this dicey venture, now this was a period when India was just getting accustomed to the newly developed “Internet Industry”, during these times he still had a stolid and phlegmatic foresight of bridging this gap between the masses and the online world.This is where I feel that the chasm between his business idea and my futuristic start-up idea is filled.

My idea of of incubating a pristine form of technology,“Nanotechnology”, into this ephemeral world,through my start-up, where there are still no much large scale and locally acceptable researches bounded in these arenas, can lead to an evangelistic impact tantamount to the efficacy  which “” has created in the online commuting and travelling industry, constructed upon a meandering journey of none other than, Mr.Deep Kalra.

At last,I would just like to conclude by abridging that no matter what, never give upon your dream, you have got one life, one shot,take it with the fullest swing but with a nuanced perspective.

I think more than any sorts of financial or intellectual strength it is the emotional strength that matters a lot, no matter which path or which tactic you use to skim your way through life and clenching your ambitions, never let the worldly snob eyes and strident failures delude you from your path, after all “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.”




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