Facts You Would Like to Know About Hair Transplant


For centuries hair loss has been a topic of widespread discussion among the masses. As hair loss is related to your social life and personality any loss of hair is indeed a cause of concern. For this reason all of us look up to quick fix the problems. If you still live in the world of hair masks then it is high time you wake. A visit to the best hair transplant surgeon in India opens up a world of opportunities. Your lost zeal and confidence is restored back in your life. This procedure is famous worldwide, but the process varies from country to another.

The Origin

In the 18th century this form of treatment started. First this treatment was conducted in the year 1800 and went on to yield the desired results. But the first tag of success was achieved in the early part of 1930. Ever since then this surgical method has taken the world by storm and more and more people are becoming part of it.

What Needs to be Planned Before you Opt for the Surgery?

Before you plan for the hair transplant surgery there are a few points to ponder over:

  • Think on the lines of a realistic approach with this surgery. If there is less hair or you do are bald then do not expect the surgery to give your full of hair. The thicker or denser your hair is the better results you could expect as well.
  • At a general level, thick grey colour of hair gives instant hair transplant results in comparison to thin hair.
  • Once you are done with the surgery it is going to take 9 months for the hair roots to be stimulated and instant results to emerge.
  • Since it is elective form of surgery any insurance company is not going to cover the cost. So the cost of hair transplant surgery has to be borne from the end of a patient only.
  • For the chain smokers a lot of complications could arise during the course of surgery. It is advisable to quit smoking before the surgery.

When the term hair transplantation comes to the mind, most often than not men are likely to undergo this surgery. As a matter of fact more women are resorting to this procedure as well. There are several issues like hormonal or post pregnancy symptoms that do take a toll on the hair of women.

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