Evil Women in Mythology


In this world not all are kind. Everybody is selfish and everybody is evil in their own way. Mythology is famous only because of evils. Because the good destroying evil is what every story is about. If there is no evil then the heroes have nothing to do then the whole story becomes pointless. So here are some evil women in different mythologies.


During the mythological cycle of Irish mythology Ireland was invaded by a Greek warrior witch called Carman with her sons Dub, Dothur and Dian. She created a huge famine by poisoning the fruits in Ireland. Due to this she was attacked by Tuatha Dé Danann(the main God in the Irish mythology) along with the god of poetry, a white sorceress, a satirist and a magician. They tried to defeat her and her sons but she was powerful so instead of trying to kill her they banished her sons from Ireland by surrounding the place with water and imprisoned Carman. It is said that she died around 600 BCE due to grief. Still today her death day is celebrated among Irish for once every 3 years on 1st august. It is believed that if people didn't celebrate it then they will be affected by famine


Louhi is one of the most evil character of Finnish mythology. Since the written materials of Finnish mythology is only from 19th century all the stories about their mythology is still a mystery to people. These stories were passed down generations only through to the oral form there are so many versions to this story. Some say that she is the blind daughter of the god of death and that she got pregnant by wind and gave birth to nine deadly diseases. Some people say that Loviatar is actually the daughter of god of death and Louhi took care of her during her pregnancy and that she manipulated her into sending her kids to kill the people. some say that she was the alter ego of Loviatar.

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When Prometheus(a titan culture hero) stole fire and gave it to man. It angered Zeus so he asked Hephaestus(the god of blacksmith) to create a mortal women who was also called as the first women ever created. she was gifted with so many powers like music from Apollo, curiosity from Hera and so many gifts from many gods. she was given a box with her to take to earth and was said not to open under any circumstances. She was created to punish mortals for taking fire so Pandora was send to live with man and Prometheus's brother Epimethius married her and they gave birth to a girl Pyrrha who married Deucalion. One day pandora got so curious that she ignored all the warnings from the gods and opened the box and unleashed evil on earth and it was said that at the end of the box after all evil there was hope.

Pandora's box-keep it closed (With images) | Art, Pandora greek ...

And there are lot more of men and women who were evil in so many ways and brought destruction all over the world these were recorded in the mythologies all over the world in their own versions. The main concept of all these stories are good defeats evil and the world is at peace again. The main reason history is thought is for us to learn from their mistakes because history tends to repeat itself again and again until people learn from their mistakes and prevent it from happening

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  1. I would like to point out that the Tautha De Dannan is the name for a group of gods in Irish mythology, rather than being the main god. the Tautha De Dannan is the main pantheon, at least as far as what survived in the texts. maybe is some versions of the story Carman is a Greek witch, but as far as I know, she is, originally the Celtic goddess of dark witchcraft.

  2. It was a well drafted article on a very interesting topic, I would love to know more about this topic. The beginning of the article was written beautifully, which ultimately dragged me to read the whole article.

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