Elon Musk’s advice to young entrepreneurs


We all admire Elon musk. He’s one of the great entrepreneurs in this decade. He gives a lot of advices to the young generation via his interviews. Let’s see some advice he gave to us.

  1. 1 Be practical

    In one of his commentary, he said, "Firstly, being an entrepreneur has been overly glorified in movies and TV shows, but for the most part, running a company is difficult. Most of us are not ready for it or are more interested in the idea of being an entrepreneur rather than actually be willing to put in the work to become one." He also said to focus on solving the problem, not on money. Tesla was not formed to earn money but it established to solve environmental problems.

  2. 2 learn everyday

    When talking about starting up and his role as a CEO he stated “You’ve got to do all sorts of jobs and tasks that you might not wish to do, that are not intrinsically interesting to you. You’ve got to be prepared to do whatever it takes, work whatever hours. No task is too menial. I think that’s the right attitude for the CEO of a startup.”

  3. 3 Work Super hard

    In one of his interview, he said 

    “When my brother and I were starting our first company, instead of renting an apartment we rented a small office and slept on the couch and we showered at the YMCA. We had one computer, so the website was up to during the day and I was coding at night. 7 days a week. All the time. I briefly had a girlfriend at that time and in order to be with me, she had to sleep at the office.

    Work hard. Every waking hour. That’s the thing I would say, particularly if you’re starting a company”

  4. 4 Don’t worry what others’ think

    "Most of us never seem to find time for that work assignment or getting in shape but have you ever considered how much time you spend trying to fit in with other people? It’s a lot. Trust me. From working out to doing your hair, to updating your Facebook profile and clothes shopping, we’re talking about a fairly big chunk of your life here. Do you know who hasn’t thought about any of these things?" - Elon Musk.

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