The terms ‘Businessmen’ and ‘Industrialist’ are often used interchangeably by people.
However, there is a fine line that differentiates the two from each other. It can be easy to
blur the fine but they are often looked in the same light. Both the categories differ on
three major aspects: purpose, vision and risk.

Let us begin with understanding who are Businessmen? A businessman works at a
commercial organization or an institution. He/she could be involved in any of the
business sectors undertaking activities in order to generate sales, positive cash flow,
revenue by optimal utilization of resources like financial, human resource, physical and
intellectual capital. He/she could be the founder or owner or majority stakeholder of the
company. He could also be a high-order executive responsible for the daily operations
and management of a company. In other words, he/she is someone who is a part of the
upper-level management of the firm, enterprise, agency or organization. They often take
up pre-existing idea and establish a business around it in order to make profits.

On the other hand, industrialists are people who create the idea and they drive the
whole thinking to form markets and industries. In simple words, an industrialist is an
entrepreneur with a great influence on a particular industry and is engaged in the
management of industry, be it automobile, manufacturing, power or chemical industry.
He/she is a wealthy entrepreneur who controls a huge market share. They also happen
to know to either directly or indirectly control a considerable financial interest in a
successful financial enterprise. India being one of the fastest-growing economies of the
world is mainly due to the relentless efforts of industrialists who have worked hard
across verticals of the Indian industries.

To sum up, businessmen don’t tend to take up many risks as their sole aim is to
generate profits while Industrialists want a bigger goal to be achieved than just making
profits. To behold a substantial cause, they want to create something meaningful with a

A businessman has no groundbreaking vision. He/she wants to be in business to make
money while taking the smallest possible risks. And hence, every small or medium hop
owner is also called a businessman. However, and Industrialist needs to create an
entirely new industry with a great reach. In other words, every industrialist can be called
a businessman but not every businessman is called an Industrialist.

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I am a Marketing Strategy intern at Xpert. Currently pursuing PGDM from Welinkar Institute of Professional Studies, Mumbai. I have 4 months of work experience in Public Relations firm- Text100.


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