Crying Boy

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It was one of the usual evening of the winter month. Mr.Peter Sanders was putting on his coat to got out for a stroll in the park with his dog Casper.

As soon as he reached the park, Casper started running, to hold up to casper Mr.Peter also started jogging at a slower pace.After a while Mr.Peter caught hold of Casper,and started walking again by the side of the pond.

Suddenly he heard a sound of sobbing and whimpering behind the trees.Being curious, he looked behind the trees.He found one of his earlier student, Tom was sitting all alone on the bench and he was crying.

Being concerned he sat beside him and said,"Hello Tom,Why are you crying mate?" 

Tom was astonished to see Mr.Peter by his side.

Being intimidated,he didn't answer. He kept sobbing.

After a while Mr.Peter again asked the same quetsion that why you are crying son. This question was also unanswered. After a complete silence for a while,Tom started speaking. "My father used to abuse me and my mother. He beated and thrashed us, until the day he left us. After him leaving us,i have gave up schooling.I was relentless to read and write because i was unable to do so as i have dsylexia.I hated going to school because no one wanted to be my friend, every one mocked me because of my disability."

He continued,"After dropping off from school,i started doing many odd jobs like news paper delivery and lawn mowing just to support my mom.But I got fired from that also.Today I got fired from a restaurant after I broke a cup by mistake. Completing this line Tom broke again and started sobbing. He continued stuttering," I am broke, professor, I have tried many things even wrestling and atheletics but i couldn't find any thing on which i could settle, as my life time career. I have faced dejection in every moment of life and I feel lost Mr.Sanders."

Being overwhelmed with grief, listening to the pain and agony of Tom, Mr.Peter tried to calm Tom and said, " Tom why don't you join my Action Academy, i have just opened a few months back." He added,"You can learn acting there and do some maintenance stuffs for me,i will pay you for that." Hearing this brought a slight glow on Tom's face. Being jobless at the moment he nodded his head for the offer.

Tom started working there as the floor boy and he was getting a nominal wage for that. But beside that Tom was getting lured by the plays and the acts being performed. He was so much intrigued by the plays that after the rehearsal of the plays, he used to imitate the scenes all by himself. One late night when Tom was immiating one of the scenes of the Shakespeare's play, Mr. Peter saw him. He was amazed seeing Tom's talent in acting and the comfortability he had on stage.

The next day Mr.Peter called Tom and asked him to perform one of the roles for his play. But this intimidated Tom. He stood still for a few seconds after listening to Mr.Peters.

Tom walked the stairs to the stage very slowly beacuse he was trembling with fear.But after a few retakes, he was very comfortable in his deliverance. The play ended that day with a round of applause from the audience. 

Mr.Peter had found a new actor and Tom had found a new interest to work for. After that Tom became the best actor of that theatre and he started getting offers for lot of plays and films. 

Tom never thought that he could ever come out of his miserable life or even he could do something in his life. But he did, and today we know him by the name Tom Cruise.

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