Corporate Communication and Scopes


Corporate Communication is the sum of internal as well as external communication. Corporate communication is the perception of a company by creating a brand identity and maintaining communication with the general public. Corporate communication helps build a reputable image for its stakeholders, by maintaining good relation between internal and external audiences. It also helps to bridge the gap between employess and management. 

Here are 5 key reasons on why you should build a successful strong corporate communication. 

  1. 1 Brand Awareness

    Wherever you search, brand awareness is the most important and one of the very key reasons on why you should build a good corporate communication. 

    Earlier companies used to focus more on advertising, however the advertising agencies are getting less and less focused on right now. 

    As we know, Millenials largely avoids ads, because they don't want to be sold to. A far more reach is when the content produced actually educates them and gets them informed. Thats where employee advocacy comes in. External communication in the form of employee advocacy is one of the most effective ways to build brand awareness. They believe what the employee says rather than what the brand says. For examples, they will believe a tweet from the employees rather than the companys handle. 

    Social Media Marketing is largely growing because of this reason. Employee advocay improves the social media reach. Higher brand awareness translates into more leads and higher revenues. Therefore, corporate communication has a clear and direct impact on your company’s financial growth. 

  2. 2 Boosting Employee Engagement

    The logic is that: someone who enjoys their job is going to stay longer in the job and perform better, they are motivated. Those who enjoy their jobs will go forward to inspire and motivate others to do the same. Companies who have high rates of employee engagement are good at internal communication. 

    There are many ways to boost employee engagement:

    1. Communicate Vision and Goals

    Making the employees aware of the compays goals help them to connect their everyday tasks to the bigger picture. This makes them realise their meaning in their jobs and motivates them to think better ways to make their work more promising and think of better ideas to improve the company.

    2. Encourage Opinions and Dialogues

    Employees must be encouraged to voice their opinions, ideas, concerns, suggestions and complaints frequently with their employers. This can help in the better functioning of the company as well as promotes productivity, collaboration, innovation and better employer-employee relationship. Employers must be also open to any suggestions that might come their way. 

    3. Boost Employee Advocacy

    Encourage peopel to build their personal brands on social media by sharing their companys thought on leadership content, appearing on podcats and speaking at events. 

    When you give your employees such opportunities, they feel more involved with the company and are ready to contirbutte more to business success. 

  3. 3 Sparking Innovation

    Innovation is not a new word for any of us, is it?
    If a company doesn't innovate, it goes out of business very soon or won't make enough profits.

    Internal communication is the key to spark innovation. There are several ways to spark innovation, such as:

    Sharing Knowledge

    Employees must be informed of every internal company updates such as customer challenges/successes as well as external economic devolopments.

    Collaboration between Departments

    Profitable ideas emerge as a result of combination of tech, support, marketing and sales. When employees have means to communicate from different departments, they will be able to collaborate easily to discuss and refine innovation initiatives that become genuinely profitable.

  4. 4 Improving Employee Productivity

    Productivity is all about getting more done in less time. The more productive your people are, the higher your revenue generated/employee and the lower the cost/employee.

    Better corporate communication improves employee productivity in the following ways:

    • Problem Solving 

    Many employees waste tons of time searching for the required information to execute specific tasks. This isn’t just the case with new employees. Anyone who’s trying to execute a process they are unfamiliar with would face this issue.

    However, an employee communications platform largely eliminates this problem. Anyone who has experienced that situation before will be able to help out by providing an immediate solution.

    • Knowledge Culture

    Sharing knowledge and experiences among internal communication. For example, employees that share their experiences with employers and vice versa helps in getting to know more about each other as well as the company.

    Communication leads to better parrtnership between people. It genuinely helps in better functioning and relationships between the employers and employees. 

  5. 5 Attracting Talent

    Success can only be achieved with talented and skillful workers, who are ready to give their all towards the betterment of the company. But finding top talent is a very difficult process.

    Corporate communication helps to hire better talent and with less amount of time and with less expense.

    • Referrals from engaged employees

    Employee referrals helps to hire excellent talent. Engaged employees are far more likely to actively encourage their friends and other family members to apply.

    • Brand Ambassadors

    If an employee advocacy program is in place, you existing employees will be able to talk about open positions on their social networks.

    Insted of spending thousands on job ads, a suitable position can be filled through corporate communication on social media.

    • Showcasing your company culture

    When employees share about your company, the culture of the company is also showcased through the social media. 

    For example, your employees can share videos of team building events, birthday celebrations, posts about progressive HR policies, CSR (corporate social responsibility) initiatives and much more.

    Moreover, when these posts come from employees across different teams rather than from HR, they are far more credible for showcasing how your company is a great place to work.


    Corporate communication is no longer restricted to your media relations team. Today, all your staff - from your executive management to your support team members can have an active role in it. Corporate communication enables your entire workforce to make a unified and massive contribution to your business success.

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