Change your vision to change your life

Gaur Gopal Das

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We humans deal with several emotions. It’s more than just happiness, sadness, anger, surprise, fear, and disgust.
How we take charge of it matters the most. Either you want to live your life or leave your life.

  1. 1 Put your dreams into action

    Each of us has a unique purpose. Your life purpose consists of the central motivating aims of your life. It not only helps us to find and do things that add meaning to our lives, but also helps us when things go wrong. It helps to refocus on the things that are meaningful to you, and to move ahead and enjoy your life. 

  2. 2 Take charges of your life

    Once you know what defines you and your life, you have to take charge of it. We can't hide behind excuses. No one else is going to take our dreams and goals as seriously as we will. So, best we take the reins in our hands. We have to be accountable for our choices and take action in life.

  3. 3 Make your decisions

    There is a moment of decision at every point in our life when we are in working mode. Our decision plays a major role in the way events unfold in our lives. But people don't usually pay attention to the profound effects of making decisions. Despite asking other people what you should do, you should visualize your future with all the available options and carry out your decisions.

  4. 4 Create your life

    Put yourself at cause and not at effect, i.e. accept that you create your life and not just reacting to it. Taking responsibility puts us at choice which allows us to choose how to respond to life's challenges. Be the driver of your life's journey, and put every thought into a positive action.

  5. 5 Keep going

    Your strengths can lead you to a successful life. One reason why is enough to get rid of several reasons why not. Ships are safe at harbor, but that's not where they are meant to be. Comfort zone is a dark and dreary place. Step out, find your interests, and keep going. It's the key to your growth and happiness.

  6. 6 Accept yourself

    Keep going! Your failures doesn't defines you. The moment you accept your mistake is the moment you mastered it. Work on your mistakes it will never disappoint you. Self-Help is the ultimate solution for all the problems. Stop flattering yourself and work on your progress.

  7. 7 Leave an impact

    The best way to create a positive impact is to give more than what is expected. Leave a better place than you inherited from your forefathers. Live a sustainable life, work for the betterment of mankind, and make a positive change to the society at your best.

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