Bill Gates : One of the greatest Philanthropist

an American business magnate, software developer and Philanthropist. Well known as the founder of Microsoft Corporation. Second wealthiest man in the world.


 If you are born poor it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor it’s your mistake.

Bill Gates born in Seattle, Washington on October 28, 1955. He was always interested in software programming and wrote his first program when he was in the eighth grade. He was fascinated by the machine and how it would always execute the software code perfectly. Gates along with his three friends started the Lakeside Programmers club to make money at the age of 13. At the age of 17, gates along with Paul Allen formed a venture called Traf-O-Data to make traffic counters based on Intel 8008 processor. He was a National merit Scholar when he graduated from Lakeside School. In 1973, he got enrolled to the Harvard College. Two years later he dropped out of the college, to start off with his own company.

Gates and Allen together started off with the company Microsoft and overtime Gates became the wealthiest man in the world. On June 15, 2006, Gates announced that he would transition out of his role at Microsoft and dedicate more time to Philanthropy. 

Bill along with wife Melinda Gates started the world’s largest private foundation called Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation(BMGF). The primary goals of the foundation are to enhance healthcare, reduce poverty across the globe and to expand educational opportunities and access to information technology in US. 

The most amazing philanthropists are people who are actually making a significant sacrifice.

Couple plan to eventually donate 95% of their wealth to charity. Gates also donated $20 million to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for the construction of computer laboratory. Gates and his Foundation has taken interest in solving global sanitation problems . In November 2017, Gates said he would give $50 million to the Dementia Discovery Fund, a venture capital that seeks treatment for Alzheimer’s disease. He also pledged an additional $50 million to start-up ventures working in Alzheimer’s research. On August 25, 2018, Gates distributed $600,000 through his foundation via UNICEF which is helping flood affected victims in Kerala, India. 


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