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A chef that serves a beautiful platter of Fusion of Real-life situations with his next level humor.

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Let us talk about Bhuvan Bam in our Language ( so-called Youthiyapa). Bhuvan Bam was like any other college student(Hutiya) which is one of the species found in India. What we did or do in our college life Bhuvan also did the same, nothing special, Right? Bhuvan was not like what we see him today. He made a lot of effort to achieve this platform on which he stands today. And the success he got is not (HALWA) or one and done. Sometimes people say when they are not getting success in their respective fields, that this is their fat of luck. And especially sometimes in the profession like YouTube Indian parent's reaction is like this..Indian parents when their Kid is On YouTubeI know, some viewers won't agree with me but its the same condition with average Indian Kid. Bam's parent's reaction was probably like this. But! Bhuvan made is way to YouTube. So sometimes you have to try very hard and make your way through, Right?  Bhuvan Bam had made very strong efforts. 

Success reason:-

The fact that people don't even realize is that While playing BB Ki Vines Bhuvan Bam uses the same Music that what we feel while watching his videos. It is like he has that talent to represent our feelings into Music. This is one of the reason why we love his video series.

  The 2nd  reason is that he represents us and present circumstances with us in his video. We relate ourselves with him and our circumstances with his created environment in his videos. 

The 3rd  reason is that he kept himself original which is a mandatory requirement to get success in any field. He can show himself a SANSKARI boy, but no! Bhuvan knows how today's youth communicate( except some real gentleman types KID). He kept his dialogs original and in used to language that we speak with our friends or colleagues. For example… using Bancho after every sentence.Banchhod das ChhatriwalaBhuvan bam is also a passionate singer, even getting millions of subscribers he didn't leave his singing passion behind. Actually before entering to YouTube BB was a singer. His passion for music is at the next level. Students can take inspiration from him for Hard-Work. You can estimate the degree of hard work he did to follow his passion. BB used to go to restaurants to perform and he used to perform there from 12 am to 8 pm for two years. Bhuvan polished his vocals while this period. For these two years, his routine was like this. He performed at restaurants at certain wages and he also got food of one time from the restaurant. So if you want your dreams to come true just forget all your pleasures and come out of your comfort zone. "Bahut Gyan bat gya''.

Story of BB Ki Vines:-

BB Ki vines was a well-analyzed channel. This means it was Bhuvan's brain crop because of an incident he met. That incident was when Bhuvan had recorded his first music video and uploaded it, the song's name was ''BANCHO..''. After getting about half a million views (500K). Bhuvan got a call from a member of a party( name can't be included). He called Bhuvan and warned him against uploading songs of these types. So from there, Bhuvan decided to start a channel through which he can raise his voice and convey a student's problem in a humorous way. BB_KI_VINESBB's family and friendsBB Ki Vines proved to be a turning point for Bhuvan Bam. Bam is now getting fan following and people started loving his content. By the time BB took advantage of his fan following and spread social messages like respecting women, respecting your parents, and, much more. 

Click on the thumbnail to watch his social message..Un-fairBreast cancer awareness The sacrificesSorry Dad ( MUST WATCH)There are a lot of these types. Bhuvan bam took advantage of this platform and he nailed it. These videos seriously made an impact on those who aren't aware of those subjects. Bhuvan has set an example of ''Dreams Come True'', and his hard paid him.

Characters in BB Ki Vines:

1. Bhuvan bam2. Banchhod das Chhatriwala

3. Bablu Ji (Father)4. Janki Ji ( Mother)5. Sameer Fuddi ( FAMEER FUDDI)6. Titu mama7. Mr. Hola

8. Babli sir

9. Papa MKC ( Bancho's father)10. Detective Mangloo ( latest entry) : and many more.

Comment below your favorite character and your views on this article.

Bhuvan Bam Info

Twitter: Bhuvan_bam22

Instagram: @Bhuvan bam

YouTube: BB Ki Vines.

Thank You.

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